I have zero interest in wearing body armor or carrying a shield around with me in civilian life. However, it has occurred to me that a ballistic shield might possibly have some value at home. Weight would not be an issue, especially at home in a static scenario, nor would it need to be particularly maneuverable. I'm thinking of a hide in bed room behind shield and call for help scenario, not a go find the bad guy scenario. Yeah, I could throw on some armor but that still leaves large portions of my body exposed + again this would be for static use.



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I would say a shield would likely not have much value in your given scenario.  If you recognize there is a threat worthy of ballistic protection, you will likely be better served by a strong offense than a mild defense.  Shields are heavy, expensive, and finding a place to store it is likely going to be more troublesome than deploying a weapon to counter the threat yourself. 

If you have the money to look into ballistic shields, make sure every other layer of defense is strengthened first.  Have you reinforced your doors, windows, locks, etc?  I wouldnt use a hollow core plywood door as a reason to get a $3000 shield.  Just upgrade your doors and locks.  

Shields are something that perhaps hasnt been evaluated for home defense, and I think it's for good reason.  If you are in that non-permissive an environment, start looking to dedicating a "panic room" and reinforcing it.  


Plus, they only work in one direction...


Reinforced doors, hinges, frames, security system and with that sort of money, fuck it, armor a room.


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BJW and Murph made good points.

I'd also offer that the shield marries your reaction hand.  At home, even in a defensive scenario, you still have to use the phone, lock a door, and 

I agree with the others.  If you have money to spend on home defense, I'd upgrade doors and locks first.  

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You could get a water-bed.  Water can deflect or slow-down/stop  rounds, particularly if hit at a shallow angle.

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