I am in the market for a new plate carrier. I would be wearing this carrier for extended periods of time on foot patrols but also may be working from vehicles. At times it may be my only fighting load carrier, so no battle belt or chest rig and I may run  just soft armor but will most likely be running front and side plates.  I have recently taking a liking to the shellback tactical banshee elite 3.0. It seems to check all the boxes but it is pretty damn expensive especially for a banshee. Basically my question is do you folks have any recommendations for a similar pc at a lower price point or one that may fit my needs better.

Things I like about the banshee 3.0:

. Integral pouches (mag, admin, hydration)

. Cummerbund attachment

. The ability to run soft armor inside the full length of the cummerbund and still have plate pockets

. Looks super comfy

Requirements for me:

. Space to run at least five magazines, radio, and IFAK

. Ability to run front and side plates as well as soft armor

. Be comfortable, I’m not super concerned about the weight as long as it’s comfy

. Come in multi cam


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Have you looked at the VS LPAAC?  It's a little cheaper and allows soft armor to wrap around instead of using inserts.

https://www.velsyst  com/products/low-profile-assault-armor-carrier


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One of the MFR's that don't get much attention is Beez Combat Systems. They have some nice BALCS carriers. I have a carrier I bought 10 years ago. I was an SDF member and required to procure my own. Wore it for six years for drill weekends and AT. Very solid construction and good cost. They will also do custom stuff.

Disclaimer, I do not run armor daily or for work. 

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Crye JPC is still a solid choice. Add Crye cummerbund  soft armor as needed.

Cost is relative... The First Spear Strandhogg is spendy, but takes comfort to a high level.

If you are doing extended foot patrol, the Strandhogg handles heat and moisture in ways that have to be experienced to be believed.

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