Hello all. I'm very new here, but I just posted my intro., so I think I can make a post now? Correct me if I'm wrong....
So I am looking to buy an 11.5" BCM upper online. Seller says it is new from the factory and unused. It is around $50 cheaper out the door than buying new from BCM (I'm a married teacher with 3 babies at home, and the schools pay us in water... so any savings is worth exploring). The only concern I have is that the barrel appears to be engraved as apposed to stamped. Everything else looks to be totally fine and correct for a stock basic BCM upper.
I emailed some pictures to Bravo, and they said that from the pictures they could neither confirm nor deny that it was a stock BCM factory upper. I asked what pictures would they need to confirm that it was there's, and this question was ignored. I'm not salty about it; I get that verifying an upper from pictures is not something for which they want to be accountable. 
I own a factory BCM mid-length and it is clearly stamped. 

Basically my question is to any who have a barrel from BCM:
Are they all stamped, or does this example from online look like yours?
Thank you for your help!
BCM 11.5?

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11.5 BCM barrel marks? 
(can you right-click this non-image, and then will it take you to what I'm talking about?)

I tried to use photobucket, but apparently they charge for that sort of thing, and I really don't see myself uploading lots of photos. Does anyone know of a better free way to post pictures? I'm not trying to waste anyone's time, but I feel like a major tool in the pool over here...

Ahhh, that right click worked for some reason now.

I guess looking at it, I can see why they aren't sure. It doesn't look like the stampings on mine, but at the same time it doesn't look like it's not professionally done, especially with it having finish inside the markings.


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