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Hello all. I'm very new here, but I just posted my intro., so I think I can make a post now? Correct me if I'm wrong....
So I am looking to buy an 11.5" BCM upper online. Seller says it is new from the factory and unused. It is around $50 cheaper out the door than buying new from BCM (I'm a married teacher with 3 babies at home, and the schools pay us in water... so any savings is worth exploring). The only concern I have is that the barrel appears to be engraved as apposed to stamped. Everything else looks to be totally fine and correct for a stock basic BCM upper.
I emailed some pictures to Bravo, and they said that from the pictures they could neither confirm nor deny that it was a stock BCM factory upper. I asked what pictures would they need to confirm that it was there's, and this question was ignored. I'm not salty about it; I get that verifying an upper from pictures is not something for which they want to be accountable. 
I own a factory BCM mid-length and it is clearly stamped. 

Basically my question is to any who have a barrel from BCM:
Are they all stamped, or does this example from online look like yours?
Thank you for your help!
BCM 11.5?

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