I have a M1 Super 90 Benelli Entry model with the 14" barrel. 

It has both the front and rear sight on the barrel. 

I am looking to have the barrel cut down to 10" and have the front sight relocated so the sights are still usable. 

Anyone know of a good gunsmith to undertake the project?



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I missed this earlier but the quality o work at Rose Action Sports is second to none. 

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I have just become aware of this: 


It's a whole forum of NFA dealers. I'd read the rules (it's a bit different), join up, and ask in the NFA Forum. Skimming for the past few minutes, I bet someone can hook you up and they at least should not freak out you are asking about an evil, evil SBS. 


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I got frustrated with the whole process.


i was able to locate a M1 barrel that was set up for ghost rings. No rear sight to deal with. It’s chopped and a XS Big Dot Head was installed.

Easy and done. Besides the setup will not be used for extended range. 

25 or less




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