Any input on the Beretta AP in any of its versions?  Are any agencies using the weapon?

I just purchased a Gen 5 Glock 19 in anticipation of being  forced into retirement this month.  Then I found the APX at TacOps East this morning and it called to me.

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I have only handled one at the gun shop when they were first released.

The grip and especially the trigger were very nice on that sample.  The size also seemed to be a good compromise as I recall.  Overall I really liked this sample of one.

Although I am deeply committed to the H&K VP9 platform for carry I would consider owning an APX for recreational shooting.

It will be interesting to watch this thread as it develops.


Ah ha!  My brother's carry gun.  We are talking Mr. Beretta here.  Dresses in Beretta clothing from the store on Madison Ave. and my Dad somehow got him a private tour of the Beretta museum in Italy.

He was carrying his all time favorite Beretta pistol (84F .380.  Wood grips) until I told him about this.  He had a HK VP9 in his hand at the store and happened to see a Beretta one case over.  It is damn nice.

We of course can only have 10rd mags but other than that, the gun is accurate and the trigger is at least VP9 worthy.  Feels great in the hand.  After the 92F started getting some negative press, although a bunch was mag related, a lot of people sort of looked down on Beretta.  Well as the oldest gun maker in the world and one of the oldest companies period, they know what they are doing.  My 92F fed everything and anything you could stuff in the mag as does his M84.  So while I haven't of course shot enough rounds to run a true reliability test, I have every confidence the APX is going to do the same.  I'll grant that Beretta's styling department needs to put down the pipe but this is a really nice pistol.

And if you really want to see a kick-ass Beretta, go see the PX4 9mm too.  Ask Dagga Boy.



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Have not shot one. The NIB one i handled felt amazing in the hand. I have short fingers, yet i had an 18 shot 9mm i could reach the mag release and not move my grip. Pointability rivaled my Luger in pick a target, point your hand, the sights are on target.

I have 20 plus yrs on Glocks. If i change the APX is on a very short list for replacing them. I need to shoot one first.


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I like those also but shot my wad on the CZ P-10, in case my hammer CZs were getting lonely. 

I thought that the APX was not suited for being milled to take an RDS.   This is because it has that weird visible firing pin block which sticks up out of the slide, just the same as the M92.  Right were the RDS would settle into a milled slot.  Looks like it is a no-go for the RDS.

Yet the website now shows milled slides from the factory.  Wonder what they did about the firing pin block.

steveg2 posted:

I finally finger fecked one.  I think Beretta listened to all the complaints that female officers with small hands could not manage the grip on the 92

Or the Cougar, 8000, 9000, and every other Beretta bigger than a .380...

I had the same issue. I can shoot a 92, but it's very big for my hands.


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I've shot a factory rep's  a few times. Had one as a T&E for a while too. Fired several qual courses, drills, and made 100 yard shots on a reduced steel IPSC with ease. I got a killer deal on one from a guy on another forum, NIB, but have yet to shoot it. Trigger is very nice for a striker gun. A lot of folks have complained that grip inserts and frame change outs are a PITA. While they arent as simple as some, I maintain it's a non issue. How often are you going to monkey with it  once its set up? One thing I'm not crazy about is the mag catch lock on the magazines. I have found on some mag pouches (Fastmags and Safariland slim lines) It digs in/drags a bit. Experiment with pouches if you get one. The G Code pouches work well, as they are open in the front, and I have an old LBT triple belt pouch with kydex inserts that are GTG as well. The inserts on it are open where the front of the mag is. I suspect ESSTAC KIWIs would work as well. The kydex benders will probably take this into consideration in their designs.

I'm pretty friendly with a BDT rep, and he updates me from time to time. He sent me pics of his APX Centurian with a target, pretty impressive. It is G19 sized, and reportedly  very nice, but I have yet to see one in the wild. A small PD near me bought them, but I haven't heard of many other adopters. I like the gun a lot, and Berettas in general, but as far as US agency sales go I'm afraid they are at least 15 years too late to the striker fired market. 

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I’m interested in what I’ve seen of the APX Centurion. Looks like a great size. I saw a YT video that raised two potential issues, one of which I hope Beretta can address. Apparently the accessory rail / dust cover is too short to mount a TLR-7 (not sure about other lights), and the rail is a little wider than the full size APX, so it won’t fit in an APX holster. I’d still like to track one down to shoot.

I just got to put quote a few rounds through a couple of full size APX’s.  They shot well, and were comfortable to shoot with mild felt recoil, however one pistol developed an issue with failure to reset the trigger.  This was with approximately 600 or 700 rds through it; we could not find anything wrong internally, but the issue persisted.


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