Just after some help finding a holster for a Beretta M9A3,


I am chasing a SLS model if possible, or a custom kydex maker that uses the SLS, doesn't have to be a safariland holster but that is what im using now for work so would prefer it for commonality in my training.

I'm sure some holster made for other beretta models would work but i cant seem to get a straight answer on which would, and i have no interest in a Serpa or any other trash.


thanks for the help!


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Would one for one of the other railed 92s work equally well? Perhaps you can put that into the holsterfinder at Safariland?

Looks like HolsterOps has a 7TS ALS, SLS and SLS/ALS option.  (7280, etc.)  Here's a link to the one with the QLS fork:


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If you can't find it, well then have it made..NICK holsters and ANR holsters come to mind..they make options compatible with Safariland accessories and at the quality and cost comparable if not less than Safailand..



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