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Iv learned a lot about body armour reading these forums, but it has also lead to more confusion. I'm looking to get a new carrier and want the lightest and best rated lvl II sba to go with it. There's not much talk about some of these newer armors and was hoping to get some good clarification from your knowledge and experience with the companies.

The armours in question:

Armor Express Razor
Safariland Hardwire
Point Blank Alpha Elite

I dont know exactly which carrier im going with yet (either a LPAAC or Patroller from a Canadian company called LOFdefence), so I still have to figure out if either the carrier or the armor company can do a custom to mate the two, but I do want to know if i should stay away from either of these.

I know AE is associated with the second chance debacle, but maybe they have good product? I dont know if Hardwire has been tested to FBI standards. The Alpha Elite has such a good reputation, but dont know if they are accommodating with cut choices.

Im concerned with which armour has passed the FBI testing standards and the overall fit and comfort.

What are your thoughts and experiences?


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Going on 4 yrs with my PB Alpha Elite L2 and like it a lot.

Regarding "armor express".  I think Doc said it best . . .

"Why would any agency exercising due diligence or any sane person purchase a vest from Armor Express--the company apparently founded by some of the same venal corporate executives who lied about Zylon and who had no moral issues previously selling defective armor to LE and mil while at the old Second Chance???"



Might I suggest getting the best soft armor package for your needs and then select a carrier from those available for that cut? Rather than the other way around. 

As for the options mentioned - am very familiar and comfortable with the PB offering, have seen & have a little info on Safariland's product.

Armor Express? OhHellNo!

ggammell posted:

Can I ask why II and not IIIA?

Risk vs mobility. Lvl 2 will protect me if the worst should happen, but its lighter and thinner which will benefit me all the time. Mobility and comfort is very important to me. Lvl 2 will still keep me from dying.

If I had unlimited money a Hardwire 48 in an LPAC with some Hesco U210s or those LTC SOCOM swimmer cut plates would be my jam. In addition to being something like .15 thick and being NIJ certified it's positively buoyant and amazingly light. It meets FBI contact shot protocols and has all the backing of one of the major armor MFGs in the US, Safariland. 

Well I am greatly considering getting the Alpha Elite.

My only concern is the cut of their armor. Is it just me or does the "neck scoop" look really low??? It looks to sit too low on the chest an no come sufficiently up to the collar bone.

How does PB's sba cut compare to others?

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