Best weapon mounted LRF solution

For those who have time on any of these units, what is the best thing going? 

I would ideally like something like a Wilcox Raptor that has a LRF that is 600-800 yard capable, an IR laser and IR illuminator. White light and visable laser are not really needed. I’ve heard a lot of negative things about the SilencerCo unit, so I have pretty much rules that out. 

I would just like to know what the top choices are for a M4 or SR25 type rifle for use in a hog/coyote control role where it will be used about 90% of the time at night with a day optic and clip on NOD for shots. I’m alone most of the time so I really don’t have the time to call, locate, range with a separate optic then get on the rifle for the shot.

Thanks in advance.



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I had the Wilcox Raptar on T&E for awhile a couple years ago. It is a solid unit as you would expect from Wilcox.

The only quirk it has is the 1/4"x20 mounting bolt that only interfaces with particular milspec rails like the Knights RIS/RAS. I guess it would be easy enough to drill and tap a hole on your preferred rail system.

We did not end up buying the units, but that was because of cost, not because of failure to perform. It would definitely accomplish what you want it to do.  I had good laser hits past 900 yards- I think to 1300 IIRC.


   The Wilcox is the shit.  And designed to be constantly upgraded.  Since I seem to follow you all over the Net, I know you’re not afraid to spend $$ but the Wilcox is $$$$$$$.

  I like my Radius.  It is an excellent range finder with above average reach.   It is very well made.

  The problem that is the constant it seems is the mount and the ability to retain zero.  I get it but then again I’m not shooting at anyone.....yet.   I am actually working on a fix with some LT parts.



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I don’t know if it changes your mind at all but the radius is on sale at brownells for $399 w free shipping. Seems like a damn good deal, I ended up with the bushnell conx for $299 instead but I was tempted. 


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This is why LE in some areas would be better served with belt fed weapons and flame throwers...


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Fuck you all and your amazing deals. Taking all my willpower to not buy the Radius for $550 off retail right now, dammit. 

I keep reminding myself it's just electronics, and soon enough there will be a better one for cheaper, and now have to go say nice, reassuring things to my CRF1600B.  

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