I've been running an Ares Gear Duty belt with the velcro inner belt at work and it's awesome.  But I'm in an assignment that has me wearing a lower profile belt sometimes now.  I'm looking for a lower profile velcro inner belt that has a closure more secure that the two velcro straps on the Ares Gear Belt in order to support a concealed compact handgun such as a Glock 19 with a concealed holster with J hooks.  Then when necessary I can remove the concealed gun and strap on a full duty belt without having to change belts completely.  

I'm not sure if I explained this as well as I could have.  basically I want a better inner belt that has a buckle that is capable of supporting a concealed handgun, while still being low profile enough to buckle the full duty belt over top of it while still being comfortable enough for daily wear.  

Any suggestions?

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I have the Crye Modular Riggers Belt and the inner belt is nice. It is thin, but stiff. It fastens with a Velcro strap. I'm not sure how that compares to the closure on your Ares belt. It has been plenty secure enough for me with holster, cuff case, mags and badge clip. I just don't know if Crye sells the inner belt alone.


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Volund gear works has a Ghook belt which works really well, and they have a velcro version to use as a liner belt, or as a standalone gun belt. 

I have the standard no velcro G hook 1.5" belt, works very well. 

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I use a Volund Gear Works 1.5” system as a concealed duty belt.   The G-hook Velcro inner belt is the best I’ve used.  

From buckle clockwise:  badge, Eclipse kydex holster, cuff case, then empty back (because 31 years of wearing this stuff).  Continuing on the left:  Kydex Surefire holder, Leatherman tool, and two Safariland mag pouches.    I got sick of threading it all through belt loops.  

I called Volund up and they made it up for me the way I wanted it.  Even put some extra Velcro between where the outer belt overlaps to keep that in place.   

Highly recommended.    Stud Board Level work by them.    I can conceal it under a button down 5.11 concealment type shirt in the summer easily.   

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And a Holloran knife...  can’t forget that!

Here is a pic:  942AB01B-8970-4988-AB17-B0F7CB0D2A53


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I also wear a Volund g-hook, 1.75 belt both under my duty belt and for daily, range use.  I have a 1.5 biothane version for non-duty wear.  Neither are Velcro though.   They wear very flat, I think there's a stud board post touting their awesomeness.

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I got rid of the Ares Gear base belt  that came with my 2.0 LE belt. Great belt but base belt not so much.  I had bought a Ronin  Senshi for my callout belt and really liked their 1.75” base belt so I purchased another Ronin base belt and use that with my Ares belt. It’s a stiff base belt but it’s just Velcro closure. 


I’m late to the party on this one but also moved over from the Ares liner to the Volund.  The Ares is still stiffer IMO.  

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