During this 2 Day-16 hour course; attendees will learn Tactical Carbine theory. This Course is suited for all levels of carbine shooters. Learn dynamic shooting skills from seasoned veteran of the Special Operations Forces. 

Clint Hoover of (Black Skull Tactical Applications) served 25 yrs in the US Army and is a former US Army Ranger 75th Regiment and 3rd Special Forces Group “Green Beret”. Training techniques are inspired from the United States Army Special Operations Command (USASOCOM): Special Forces Advanced Urban Combat course (SFAUC) and the Asymmetric Warfare Group Combat Applications Training Course (CATC) 

Day 1 Carbine Fundamentals: Safety, Weapons Inspection, Maintenance, Iron sights, Optics Zeroing, Grouping, Dispersion, Ballistics and Equipment set up. 

Day 2 Tactical Carbine Employment: Weapons Manipulation, Shooting positions, Multiple target engagement, Movement, Buddy team movement. 

Participants should be in good physical condition and be prepared to conduct moderate physical activity. This will be a fun, enjoyable learning event; targeting skill building.  

Course will be max 25 slots; cost per slot is $350.00 for both days. Must have 15 seat filled to run course. Shooters provide their weapon system and ammunition for course. (600 rds) 

For more info: blackskulltactical@gmail.com or call 706-580-9209 


Clint Hoover

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