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Will be conducting 8 hour Day/Night Advanced Carbine Tactics course. The prerequisite for attending this course is either Mil/LE experience or proof of a structured beginner carbine course. Attendees must already have solid understanding of the weapon system & safe handling habits. Participants should be in excellent physical condition and be prepared to conduct light to moderate physical activity. Instructors are SOF operators and tactics are derived from the United States Army SOCOM community This will be a interesting training event  based on self discovery in a  relaxed and open forum covering all your questions.



Advanced Carbine Tactics

Scenarios/Shooting drills


Malfunctions correction

Magazine reloading

4 Position Transitions

Shooting from Covered Positions

Target Transition Drills

Target Discrimination Drills

Elevated  Shooting Position

Firing from structures



Low-Light Carbine Tactics

Low-Light Movement

Light manipulation

Correct Malfunction in Low-Light

Magazine reloading in Low-Light

Low-Light Position Shooting

Target Transition Drills in Low-Light 

Low-Light Target Discrimination

Elevated  Shooting Position

Firing from structures


So come out and test your skill and equipment. Seats for this course will be paid in advance, and follow on instructions will be provided to attendees.  10 seats available!

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