I orderd this Gas Mask Pouch in Woodland camo a few months ago and it still hasn't arrived. So I emailed BHI and asked them the ETA on this pouch. They said they don't even make a WOODLAND version of this gas mask pouch. But Ive seen woodland versions of this gas mask bag? Is the rep at BHI talking out of his ass?
This is the email I got.:
"We do not currently offer thigh rigs in woodland camo. Please contact Light fighter with the request."

Gregg Johnson
Customer Service Representative

BlackHawk Industries, Inc.
4850 Brookside Court
Norfolk, VA 23502 U.S.A.
(757) 436-3101 x250
(757) 436-3088 Fax
This is the Gas Mask Pouch Here:
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Hey, just a warning here about getting anything in woodland from Blackhawk. I'm not sure what the problem is, but the woodland print they have on their gear just does not look right.

Even the with products they do offer in woodland, the appearance of the print changes from year to year (I have seen two samples of the same vest model, one made in 2001, one in 2002, and the woodland print is completly different).

Just look at the pictures of their Rack, the woodland print is just not right.

If you can, get it on OD instead.

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I can attest to that, it isn't just bad photos. I have 3 hydration pack sleeves all in woodland. On one of them the brown is just WAY too red. Looks like K-Mart camo. Another I have is acceptable, but yet another is sorta on the yellow side. I bought another to hang inside my TT assault pack, and went with OD, rather that play BHI woodland lotto again. I definetly wouldn't buy any prominent piece of gear like a vest or a ruck in woodland from them unless you plan to spray paint it from the get-go.

And BTW, I bought all my woodland camelbak sleeves from them at the same time, so it may not even be a year to year thing.

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