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I want to use some of the capabilities (glass, clip-on night vision...) of my precision rifle for a FOF exercise we're doing. Terrain is suitable for it, and all. 

It's a MILES exercise, so needs blanks (and BFA, and the SAT...) which leads me to ask: how bad is blank gas? I have cleaned plenty of AKs and ARs and a few other guns, and they are dirty, but is it actually bad for the gun, and I'd be damaging my bore or something? 


So far, I am being told by The Keeper Of The MILES that I have to use M200 blanks, from the inventory on hand.  5.56 ones, but I want to use my 7.62 rifle. Any cheats? I can live with single shot, IF there's such a thing as a 5.56 chamber insert or something that will not also fuck up my chamber.

Yes, the last is a bit insane. I know. Didn't want to miss out on some cool capability I might have missed though. 

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I've never heard of a 556 blank adapter for 762 since ppl just use 762 blanks. I don't think the blanks would hurt however, there is no way in hell I would want to screw the plunger piece of a BFA down into the crown of a precision rifle. 

depending on the muzzle device your bfa might be different i.e. the surefire suppressor bfa, but those won't work with MILES because there isn't any muzzle flash.

The JRTC EXROE book has a solution for this, you simply don't shoot blanks out of the gun. Instead, assuming that this is current generation miles, you instead use the dry fire cable. You attach it to your miles emitter using retainer bands, and then secure the clicker to your pistol grip using retainer bands or zip ties as well. For the signature, your spotter will fire single shots out of a regular M4 every time you call a shot. Alternatively you can choose to not have someone emitting a signature. This allowed guys to still employ sniper teams, while saving the guns from shooting blanks and mounting BFAs, which to the best of my knowledge were normal M240 BFAs.

Sniper School at Benning has been firing de-linked '240 blanks out of M-24s for as long as they issued M-24s.  There's no need to worry about damaging the chamber, brass is brass and steel is steel.  I'm actually kind of curious how they run stalks now that the M-24 is out of the picture.

It sounds like you've got a gas-gun though, I don't see why there would be any issue with shooting single-shot and working the charging handle every time.

But if you've got to use 5.56 blanks then I guess that pretty much takes the 7.62 gun out of the discussion entirely.

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