Bought a used Beretta 92FS, looking for ideas

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Not me!....I hate the gun...$2K in.....still hate it

I hate that I shoot so damn well with them too.....but I do.  The PX4CC is really my do all but my Elite fits the bedside and overt carry role, and this just came...

Man, you guys. Been in at least two classes where high pistol shooter hated his gun, and wouldn't stop talking about how much he hated it. 

Embrace the dark side! Love your gun hated-but-effective gun! 

Not for me, it ain't.

Figure a it's 7.5# DA trigger is roughly equal to my old G22 duty gun with "+" connector. Grip width somewhat similar....shot the glock better.

Shoot my Sams "built" M&P9 better also.

Granted, I'm not shooting the amount I used too..which was never as much as many here.

I gave in a bought the Langdon grips, feels a bit better, I'll try to shoot it this weekend, but...

Sorry, I just don't buy the DA thing. If an M9 wasn't my duty gun, I wouldn't own one.


"Good landing, good fight, and good luck" James M. Gavin 09Jul43

 "they say if it works, it's a good tactic...I say anything can work once" 

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