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  Ok, down to business: If anyone has a Browning shotgun- or I guess ANY Browning needing repairs, restoration, or rebuilding, I would like to toss in my  review of THE ultimate premier Browning repair shop- Art's Gun shop in Hillsboro, Mo.

  One of my A5's ( made in 1937) developed a barrel issue a decade ago. The repair was WAY above my level of experience/expertise. I spent some time surfing the net, and was constantly referred to Art's.   I eventually made contact with them, sent them the whole thing, and about six weeks later, had my A5 back.  They fixed the barrel, glued a small crack in the forearm, and went through the whole thing making sure it was GTG.  They charged me a very reasonable price, and kept me in the know from the very beginning.

  That was a handful of years ago.  A month ago I was wandering through a local gun show, and another A5 grabbed me by the hand and made me pick it up.  It looked new!  I instantly noticed it was an early first issue (you can tell by the safety location).   I asked the guy if he knew anything about it. He replied it had been gone through by a place back east named "Art's", and if I ever heard about them.  I smiled and nodded.    After he told me Art's had their way with it, I inspected it with the proverbial fine-tooth-comb.  After a few minutes, I would have bet anything it WAS a new gun.  One of Art's videos explains the difference between a good restoration and a bad restoration is if you can tell it was restored to begin with.  As I said- this particular shotgun looked brand new. The bluing wasn't too dark or shiny, the wood looked just "right".

Well, life went full-circle again, and a day ago I cracked a butt stock on another old A5 of mine.    You guessed it- Art's is going to get it as soon as I can get it boxed up.

Browning issues-----call Art's.


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I have a Remington Model 11, made in 1906.  It doesn't run right now, so I'm thinking Art is the one to go to since the Remington is a licensed version of the A5.



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