For the civi style not screaming camera type bag, there is also Timbuk2, customized with a bunch of different fabrics/colors options including a camera padded insert

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Alright, didn't want to start a new thread and my searchfu seems weak right now. I'm looking for some bag options to hold 1 to 2 camera bodies, 2 to 3 lenses, accessories and at least 1 tripod. Preferably customizable. I'm either looking for something that could be used for a 3-5 day tac recce (holding camera stuff plus my personal gear) or something that would fit the above and be able to fit in a large ruck and be able to be removed for movement from an MSS. All that said I don't want it to scream military so it can be carried in an urban environment without standing out too much but still be used in a tactical setting without neon colors and shit.

I was thinking one of the larger Arc'teryx bags and adding in some velcro cases and dividers and I feel like I saw something like that on here but couldn't find it. Any recommendations for bags and inserts would be greatly appreciated.


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