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Gents- I've turned in my medium ESAPIs and now have a line on a pair of large LVL IV SAPI sized plates to back fill my now floppy PC.  The question is, my PC is a medium Mayflower APC, which not surprisingly is made for small and medium plates.  Does anyone know if you can fit large plates into this medium PC? 

Looking at my PC, my concern is at the plate shoulders - I have enough width and height/length to slide them in, but the APC slopes in at the top, possibly for swimmer's cut.  I had a fair amount of room at the bottom and both sides with the medium plates.  I just can't tell without a  large plate to slide into the pouch, and I can't find a template online to trace onto cardboard - just the overall sizes.

These plates are a good deal but have to be shipped, and I don't want to end up with plates that don't fit my PC.  Size wise, I can wear either a medium or large plate.

Thanks, E46

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MrMurphy posted:

How good of a deal is it?

A decent deal but not enough to pay for a new PC.  I actually had a lot of room with my medium ESAPIs, thus my question.  I made an 1" thick cardboard template that fits width, and fits height overall, but I don't know where to cut the shoulders on my template so I don't know if it really will fit in there.

Anyone have a plate they can trace, or give me the measurements at the top and sides of a large plate so I can locate the plate shoulders?  If not, I'll just pass on these plates and order new mediums.

Thanks for all the help. E46

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