Chris Bartocci (Small Arms Solutions, author of Black Rifle 2) did a good review of the weapon here:      

I still believe that a gas piston AR is a solution in search of a problem but as gas pistons go this one seems very well executed.  It was developed in the UAE but is manufactured in the USA by Wilcox Industries in New Hampshire. 

They are priced around $1650.

If any LFer has trigger time with one please chime in. 



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Funny enough I came across this as I am sitting at the banquet at LETC put on by Action Targets in Provo Ut. The owner of the company that makes Caracal guns is sitting right next to me. There was a demo of the rifles yesterday and they seemed to run fine. I did not get the opportunity to shoot one but the guys that did seemed impressed. I did get to spend some time talking to the owner. He is a hell of a nice guy and very intense about putting out quality products. He said they do special pricing for law enforcement. 

It's been hypothesized that merely the quality of their barrel has as much to do with the 416's initial success as the improvised tappet G36/AR18 that was modified onto a Colt M4.

Not sure how the 516 Sig is an improvement over the HK if the above happens to be true.  Nobody really gives a shit about the 516. 

I wish Robert Hirt the best in his design endeavors and whatever 916...1016 he comes up with next, but good, bad or otherwise...I think it will be crickets on the 816. 


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