I'm looking for a cheap, sturdy pack for rucking for exercise purposes. I don't plan to go heavier than 60 lbs or longer than an hour or two. Basically, I'm looking for a sturdy bag with wide shoulder straps and a hip belt, the cheaper the better.  I can do without a frame. 




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I cannot recommend a “cheap” pack as I feel cheap and rucking are somewhat an oxymoron, especially at +20 lbs. 

As I have trained for a GORUCK, and tried many packs, I found out that a pack with an internal harness, radio , etc was a must. That is what works best for me. 

I currently use an LBT 1547A  75th ranger pack to carry my GORUCK plate. 

Although I found mine awhile ago fairly inexpensive and are not sure of the cost now days. 


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I went with the LA Police Gear 3 day assault pack. Initial experience is pretty positive; good shoulder straps, wide hip belt, and it seems sturdy. Took it for a short walk with 50 lbs, and it was pretty comfortable. I'll update if it falls apart in a month, but at this point it seems like it'll do what I need. ("What I need" is something to carry 25 lbs or so for an hour or less, without falling apart).

M1AVon posted:

Question on these sorts of ruck challenges. Does something about the event prevent one from using a pack that loads the hips via a belt, more like a civilian hiking pack?

My first two Goruck challenges I used a pack with a waist belt.  There was a lot of "off and on" with the pack for various exercises and whatnot and it slows you down, but it isn't prohibited from what I remember.  My next events I used a purpose built GR1 that had an internal web system for holding the weights and it was (subjectively) more comfortable without a waist belt them the motherload was with a waist belt.  

After an event using a waist belt I found it really screwed with my hips and altered my gait for a few days.

Not trying to be argumentative,  but the motherload isn't really designed around that waist belt. It's more like a shoulder only, short backed pack like the gorucks, that had a belt added after the fact. I guess I'm asking about either using a MOLLE medium ruck or a specifically civilian, alpine style bag where the belt integrates with the waist belt, which then takes the vast majority of the weight.


You think that'd be detrimental because it'd slow down donning and doffing?


Well kinda depends.  Cheap is an ALICE external or Condor 3-day.  Sturdy for 60 lbs would be ALICE external, Go Ruck, MR, Crossfire, etc.  Getting both might be tough.  

For exercise, especially light jogging, the Go Rucks excel.  They are designed for iron plates and carry them well. So if this is what you're doing, I'd get into a Go Ruck as soon as possible.  

For rucking with an actual load, I would start with a good external like the ALICE and then invest in a good upgrade if I wanted to continue.  For me that would be a Crossfire frameset, with bag of your choice (ALICE, ALICE mod, FILBE, Molle Large, Molle 4,000).

I have rucked the Crossfire DG-16 frameset with the jarhead FILBE bag and it works pretty good.  You could start with the 1606 frame, but I think you'd want to upgrade pretty quick.  

You can use the waist belt, or remove/tape it up.  Gonna depend on the weight and duration of the work out.  For heavier loads, and longer distances, I will use the waist strap, unless I have a belt kit for it to rest on.         

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Well, it's been a year, and the LA Police Gear 3-day pack has held up very well. No busted seams; it looks new. Granted, it's got an easy life (20-30 lb load, 3 miles, 2 or 3 times a week), but it's definitely fulfilled my requirements. 

Thank you for reporting back.

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I'm using GORUCK Rucker for ruck workouts and I have done five GORUCK events and I will not go back to anything else.  They do make hip-belt, but I haven't used one.  My max weight at the moment is probably about 40lb in it.

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