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When choosing an 11.5" barrel that you know will have a suppressor mounted 75% of the time... what are some guidelines? 

I ask because I'm coming up on needing to replace my 12.5" BCM upper, and want to drop to the 11.5" length. Since BCM doesn't offer an option for me pre-assembled (I will be putting an ALG Defense handguard on whatever I get, so low profile gas block not fixed FSB) I've been peeking around their barrels, as well as barrels from Aero Precision and Ballistic Advantage (open to others, just haven't delved deeper yet).


So, if you were going to assemble an upper receiver (for life-safety duty, not recreation) what would your choices be with regards to barrels (and others, if there are have opinions to share). 


For reference, the suppressor is a SilencerCo Saker 7.62, so it isn't the lightest thing around. That's why I'm a little hesitant to choose any barrel that has "lightweight profile" in the name, trying to minimize POI shift. 





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I'm useing a BCM 11.5" BFH STD profile with a SF SOCOM556 and although I haven't shot it for groups to determine actual PIO shift I haven't been able to notice any shift shooting drills & off hand out to 50 yards, it seems pretty stiff.  That barrel is almost exactly the same weight as my 16" ELW for reference. Seems like the hammer forging might allow the barrell to hold up longer for angun that is going to be suppressed nearly full time (at least that was my thinking when I put it together)?

I've considered a ELW 11.5" for unsuppressed shooting just to have an insanely light handy rifle but it seems kind of excessive to have 2x 11.5"'s set up exactly the same...

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Running a 11.5" Colt Commando full time suppressed.   No complaints, no issues.  Factory barrel, 10.5 inch MI HG and a .625 Superlative adj block.   No issues but we've never checked POI changes suppressed vs unsupressed since the cans never come off.   Approx 1500 sims since we put em on, 3500 or so live.  No issues to report. 

Sionics reduced gas port 11.5 barrel.     


The barrels were designed for a contract with an Arizona PD that needed a barrel for 100% suppressed, but could also function without the can in case of emergencies.  They tested different size ports and decided on one that fits the requirement.  No AGB needed, you can tune through buffer weights depending on ammo.  It was a limited run with only a few extra left, I just picked one up for my new upper.  

All my info is based on internet research from this and other forums as well as first hand account from Sionics.  So take it with a grain of salt, but this barrel seemed to be perfect for what I wanted.  

SoTex posted:

Approx 1500 sims since we put em on, 3500 or so live.  No issues to report


What cans are you running?  Pretty sure most companies advise against running any paint through their cans



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