Coming Spring 2016: Magpul UBR Gen 2

The UBR Gen 2 is an adjustable stock for the AR15/M4, designed to offer the same strength and stability as a fixed stock with a consistent and comfortable cheek weld in any position. An update of the revolutionary Utility/Battle Rifle (UBR) stock, the UBR Gen 2 features a fixed cheek piece to provide a consistent cheek weld in any of its 8 positions, and is compatible with A5-length buffer systems. Designed to accommodate large-bore AR calibers and withstand severe impacts, the UBR comes standard with front and rear QD sling attachment points, a recessed footman’s loop, the ergonomic MOE SL™ angled-toe rubber butt-pad, and storage compartment. Buffer tube included, compatible with A5-length buffer systems as well as carbine buffer systems (with included spacer). Even with the addition of numerous functional features, cost is reduced by 25% and an overall weight reduction of 20%. The most rugged carbine stock available just got better.

* Mounts on a durable custom Receiver Extension tube (included) to accommodate the common M4 carbine buffer and spring as well as aftermarket A5 buffer systems*

* Solid "fixed stock" lockup and consistent cheek weld in all positions

* 8-Position LOP adjustability

* Adjustment lever requires only gross motor movement to operate yet the entire stock remains streamlined and anti-snag

* Enhanced lock mechanism with dual locking pawls for maximum drop strength and shock resistance

* Multi-shell construction provides solid foundation and shields critical operating parts from penetration damage

* Sloping cheek weld combines a slim profile with user comfort

* Storage Compartment in tail of stock is removable and the door is reversible for user preference

* Rubber butt-pad offers an anti-slip surface and increases impact protection

* Rollover on the toe allows for easier shoulder transitions and better fit when using body armor

* Sling Mounts

o Front - ASAP QD type swivel mount for ambidextrous one-point QD sling mounting
o Left/Right Rear - Anti-rotation QD swivel sling mounts fit up to 1.5" push-button swivels
o Bottom - 1.25" sling loop (additonal loop accessible when Storage Compartment is removed)

Learn more at Magpul UBR Gen 2

Made in U.S.A.

Original Post

Making the buffer tube A5 length is smart as fuck. What I'd really like to see is replaceable cheek piece covers. Specifically for those who like the sloped cheek weld.

I used to have a UBR on my SPR, but after spending a bunch of time shooting my other guns with STR/ACS stocks, going back to the UBR was like ". . . The fuck, where's my cheek weld?" So off it went, to be replaced with an ACS.

They finally INCLUDED QD sockets.  It's about time. 

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I don't like the ASAP QD position.  If you collapse the stock, you have to detach your sling.  Other than that, looks good.



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l_jimenez posted:
Bones357 posted:

They finally INCLUDED QD sockets.  It's about time. 

What are you talking about?  The original UBR has two QD cups included in the stock.

I think he is referring to all of the other Magpul stocks, of late, which required the separate purchase of QD socket hardware.



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