I’ve got a few hundred rounds through a 8.5” .300 BLK upper that I bought at the end of the summer. Small sample size, but no upper-related malfunctions with either supers or subs (I did have issues with what felt like short stroking, but that turned out to be operator error — A5 buffer in a carbine receiver extension). 100% suppressed use so far.

I got about 2500 rounds through a duty grade 16” midlength government profile upper. 

Shot mostly steel cased  .223 Hornady ammo, .223 Winchester white box, and 5.56 mag tech. No stoppages. My only complaint is it is a bit overgassed for 5.56. 

Suprisingly accurate for a budget upper. I get about the same accuracy out of the DSG as my PWS MK116 Mod 2 upper. It can hold about 1.5- 2” groups with the 75 grain Hornady steel case stuff. About 3” with the white box .223. 

If I do everything right, I can shoot within an inch with 5.56 magtech 77 grain. But the extra recoil makes it hard for me to be consistent. 

I have a DSG “Duty Grade” 16” upper with a Midwest Industries rail. And doubled down with a DSG BCG.  Both are QPQ coated and not chrome lined.   It rides on an Aero lower with ALG ACT trigger and parts.

I’m not sure where the round count is but I’ve used it for two years in our local 3 gun matches and it frequently goes as an extra toy to the range.  Zero malfunctions with anything I’ve fed it,  capable of inch at 100 yard groups.  It goes with me when I travel as I trust it as much as any of my more expensive guns but have less money tied up in it.

If anything happens to it I’ll replace it with a duplicate the next time they go on sale  



I have one of the 10.5" .300s and it's... fine. Very much good value for the money, but not what I'd call ready for life-and-death  out of the box. Mine has a set-screwed gas block which totally came loose after 100-ish rounds. Fixing it found it had no dimples, no flats, no loctite. So fixed that but it's a good example. 

Also not loving the rail, as it isn't set up right, so you cannot bridge items from the receiver to the rail; the spacing isn't right. Want to replace with a 7" vtac alpha if anyone has a spare

OTOH, it's a (budget) Seekins built model. They cut corners, but the core metal is good, it's crazy accurate. The barrel is very, very hard (it was really hard to dimple for the setscrews) and except for the gas block I have never had a stoppage. DSG seems to know how to  source good stuff, but also know how to meet a budget, the right way. As long as you go in eyes open for a discount upper, and do things like carefully inspect, loctite and re-torque, then you will be good to go. 

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Picked up a DSG Complete 11.5" 5.56mm Duty Grade Upper w/ 10" BCM M-LOK rail during their last thanksgiving sale ($485) to serve mainly as a truck gun.

Thanks for the info on the gas block, will definitely keep an eye on it.

Not into the high round count range yet but so far everything has ran well with no hiccups.  Bolt carrier seems solid and well staked with the bolt MP tested. I can echo the same accuracy comments as previously mentioned.

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