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If your check is made out to CMP i think you could deduct it.Maybe a tax expert could chime in ?

Depends on how good your IRS is on data matching.

Not a concern, IRS does not data match charitable deductions, although it would be very easy for them to. They don't collect tax IDs of the donee on the tax return. Only way to get bagged is through an audit or  talk about it on an open forum.

All set now.



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Reading that thread on the link, that guy got a nice one it sounds like.




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Not mine. A lucky lottery winner posted these.  In my reading of the CMP 1911 Sales forum, this is pretty typical of Service Grade condition.   As of today, they must have contacted the first 2000 of the lottery applicants.  It looks like about 19,000 applications received by the CMP

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I think if you look very close, you will see a rectangular box, where the guy that originally posted the photo cropped out the last 3 digits of the SN.

Okay got it, looks like it started out as a 1911A1 one of the last made by Colt in 1945. Still pretty cool. I got busy and didn't do the lottery on these. looks like it is better shape than the ones we used in the Navy.


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