Been using one for a over a month and this thing is the shit. Its not cheap at 150 but its cheaper than a viper hood.

 I have a multitude of problems with utilizing a normal ghillie, listed below:

1. Too fuckin hot, 95+ degrees with a ghillie made out of a multicam top, even with mesh panels and minimal jute is brutal. 

2. Cant access your kit for shit

3. Probably gonna heat cat if you have to haul ass

4. Not spending enough time in an OB to justify the full ghillie so they get left behind


Where the Crye Assaulers ghillie shines:

1. size of a baseball and weighs nothing, i can molle it anywhere and never notice it until i pull it out

2. great alternative if an urban hide doesn't work out

3. cut to fit a helmet and comes down just far enough so you can access all your kit.

4. the cape is actually two capes that are removable so you can set one up as screening and the other on your back. I like flipping one forward as a veil.

5. Not hot at all.

6. I always have an aid bag, this makes the ghillie actually something I carry 


- If this is something you could use, get it. You won't regret it.

Original Post

Any way you guys can take a few pictures?  I was looking at getting these for our LEO sniper team to use instead of our older Tactical Concealment full suits.  Probably like you, we typically don't spend a long time in a hide, which is usually urban and not in a rural area, and only really need a top and a veil.

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I'm bumpin' this because I've been playing with one of these Crye Ghillie things for a few months and here are some things to note:

As mentioned by the original post, the small size means you are more likely to have this thing on your person and available.  It's far from a properly kitted out Tac Concealment hood, but it's a damn sight better than nothing and far better than throwing the mesh net over your head and hoping for the best.

It goes without saying that it's lighter and cooler.  I have no rips or tears to note as of yet, but I consider its construction when using it. 

Surprisingly, it's not a pain in the ass to get back in that little pouch.  I was afraid it would be like your sleeping bag as a kid...never to return to that smaller carry pouch, but that's not the case.

In a few instances, I have used the baseball pouch as a sort of rear bag.  Once, I was set watching an exterior door on a structure and set the bag under my pistol grip for so my rifle would rest on target by itself and freed me up a bit.

One thing that concerned me was nylon netting pattern and its potential to rip and snag on things in thicker brush.  I will not forget the fucking disaster that was my first ever stalk in this regard.  In a few cases, I have simply donned the ghillie at or just shy of my hide/FOP.  I have also used it off my person like camo netting in front of my position or wrapped around my tripod and it has done well.  

In all, I would say it's a decent kit buy (for my use).  I would say it's parallel to what my compact Steiner 10x binos or my Arcteryx Wraith jacket are to my big observation binos or my Goretex shell.  I can shove that shit in my cargo pocket/pouch if I'm unsure if need will arise, but it's there and (most importantly) it's NOT in my way if I don't need it.


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Ok...sooo a little over another year later, my "assault ghille" is tore the fuck up. 

Had a little incident involving me in full kit...ghille over the top of that and having to move low with both a AI bolt gun in hand and a tripod over my shoulder.   That day, it tore like a wet kleenex.

Still got it for skinny sneak and peaks but no longer am I going to ignore my full-on hood setup. 

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