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We use the PVS14 and I am looking for an alternative to the skull crusher that is issued with it.  I know the crye nightcap is out there, are their any other options?  Looking for recommendations.  Use would be for ops not suited to wearing my lid.  Preference given to comfort and adjustability. 

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I wasn't impressed with my nightcap initially, but it has proven to be useful.  Why there isn't a baseball cap with a mount plate on the back I don't know.. I still pack a bump helmet if I'm going to use NVGs for any extended period (hog hunting, for example).  The NC will pack down very small and fits nicely in the USGI PVS-14 carry bag.     


Since you asked for alternatives: 
Opscore has one for $270:

As MW mentioned, FS has one for $350:

Norotos for $385:

Wilcox for $460:

This vintage eyesore at $30 (search around):



Nightcap is miraculous to me, and the several others I have let borrow it. I don't even run a counterweight or remote battery pack. Not sure why you'd want something else.

I love it so much, it's my default NOD base now, and I only use a helmet if I am likely to run into branches, get shot at (yeah, only FOF but still) or it is raining constantly. Helmets are great hats. 

You MUST read the manual and understand all adjustments on the Nightcap or it will not work, probably same for others. 


I have used various skullcrushers, so am discouraged by some of the above high dollar linked items. I have friends who have had very, very good results from bump helmets, if you don't need to specifically avoid the look of a helmet and just want to save weight. 

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@Community Member, maybe I should have phrased my OP better.  Currently the only way I run my PVS is on my lid or in my hand.  However I have need to run it without a helmet, as well as in a lower profile capacity.   I haven't used or even seen first hand any other option other than our issued skull crusher.  I have hard of the Crye night cap but nothing else. The purpose of my post was more to find out what is out there and what people's experiences have been.  

  My demand for it is not high enough to justify what some of the  listed products cost.  For that money I'd be better off sucking it up and popping an ibuprofen before we start the long walk.  Crye may be the best option it sounds like, I just did not want to purchase if they were a known shitty item.

I checked out the other products listed and, other than the FS option, they all appear to be fairly bulky items for storage purposes and that would limit its uses for me.   

Appears im in the market for a nightcap.   Thanks all.

Gara posted:

Nightcap is definitely not shitty.  It may look flimsy but it is a solid product.  Can't beat that $100 tag either.

Well, $100 plus the cost of the interface. If on a budget, plan accordingly. And building it is more tedious than it should be, so plan, have a good workspace and do not rush it. 

At least they tend to be in stock now. I waited like 4 months for mine to be actually made and put in an envelope. 

SoTex posted:

...However I have need to run it without a helmet, as well as in a lower profile capacity.  

...For that money I'd be better off sucking it up and popping an ibuprofen before we start the long walk...

Ah, how low profile? Because I can even wear a boonie over the nightcap. If really sneakytastic, I bet (in low light or a distance) you could have it on under an oversized baseball hat so you are ready to pop on the NOD+Rhino (or whatever cool Wilcox thing you have) and rock out.

Shitty skullcrushers are shitty. Discomfort reduces your ability to think and do other things, you fidget and do things that give away your position, etc. Some discourage good behaviors like flipping the NODs up, some do not break away right, or look to me they can become secondary projectiles on impact. I also believe their general lack of rigidity causes vestibular problems (what I'd call "induced oscillopsia") due to the NOD moving out of synch with the head so there's eye fatigue or actual dizziness in some users, or some situations. 

There's a training event or three where we hid all the skullcrushers (this is before ACH was even common so converted PASGT or extra PVS-5 strap, so you see how desperate that was) after some minor injuries walking into trees and stuff from not using NODs right, which we felt were the result of bad mounts. Helmets helped; I've seen a team all doing a battle drill, some with helmet, some with headcrushers, some with nothing, and the headcrusher guys are that little bit slower on everything, I believe due to momentary disorientation under sudden movement.

Now we have a new generation of awesome stuff to choose from. 

Handheld is okay for observation, but if you do anything else, risks damage to the NOD, always exposes you to splash when you pull it away from the eye, and is (similar to bad skullcrushers) I feel actively dangerous for movement. Balance and fatigue issues with one arm up, and vestibular issues from the NOD not being rigidly mounted to the head.

And more. And that's before you even get to shooting.  

LEEWALL posted:

For those of you using the nightcap, which shroud do you use? My PVS 14 should arrive in two weeks and I’m looking into a nightcap as an alternative to my helmet if I’m hiking. I’ve got a Wilcox 3 hole on my helmet. Should I just purchase another Wilcox? Mainly wondering about how the shroud translates into comfort. 


Yes on the Wilcox. If it is an option, it is the answer.

Keep in mind that this is a system, even more than most systems. The weak link in NVG systems makes a bigger difference than one would expect.

The Wilcox equipment minimzes the mount movement significantly more than the ubiquitous Notoros USGI components.

I have both and the Nortoros is in the deep spare category for me- only because I cannot afford to have much redundant Wilcox stuff laying around, and the USGI stuff is nearly free. The Wilcox is definitely my standard A, Gunfighter kit.

The Nightcap can take 3 or 4 hole shrouds. Not sure there's any value to the 4 hole there, as it goes through a plate of sorts inside the nightcap, so the 3 hole seems rigid enough. 

Do certainly get something countoured. The old school Norotos plates are no good here. I say, spend the extra for something as light as you can afford also. The Nightcap is small and light, so we're to the every-ounce-counts territory I say. 


There's not much else on the nightcap itself, so make sure you have all accessories you need on the shroud. If you use the Wilcox lanyard (or may in the future) make sure you have that attachment hole. I do lots of home-brew silly ass stuff (e.g. my own lanyards), so got a skeletonized one, so I can loosen a tidge and wrap cords etc through the outside bits. 

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