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I am not sure if this is the right place, but I was hoping someone might be able to steer me in the right direction.

I am starting a project and am looking for info about branding logo onto velcro.

I have seen various companies do this, for example, on the flag patch loop sewn onto the front of ball caps.  I have seen stitched versions, but I feel this will eventually fray after some usage, and think the branded (pardon my ignorance if this is not the correct term) versions look better.

Does anyone know of companies that do custom velcro like this?


Thanks in advance

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I just went through this same thing. There are lots of custom embroidery joints online. I went with one local to me and it came it really nice, it all comes down to how well the graphic is digitized and how that relates to the actual embroidery process. We sent my graphic for digitizing and had to have them make changes 3 times before it cam out right. The only problem locally is that no one can sew the patch on the front of the hat without flattening out the structure and bending it all up. I had to do mine by hand.  

I like turtles.

Thanks Mike. 

That seems to be where I am at. I have found several paces that can do the embossing onto the velcro loop, but I also will need to make some changes to the logo to make it look right when embossed. I have not yet found a place that can do the badge and cap so the sewing is going to be a problem as I do not want to wreck the front.

As this first time is a small batch, I may use your idea of doing it by hand.

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