I would like to get some feedback from those of you that are currently running a   P-07, or have experience with one. 

I am a fan of the double/single, hammer fired pistols and have read quite a bit of good stuff about these pistols on-line. 

My primary purpose is to put a light on it and use it as a bedside home defense option and range gun.

I have nothing against the Glock, other than grip angle and have owned a couple. Still have an RTF2 G23, just can’t put a light on it without worrying about causing malfunctions that have been discussed at-length on-line. 

Anyway, what say you?

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After attending Mike Pannone's covert carry class, 2013/2014 time frame, I bought one. Mike was kind enough to allow students to try the various CZ pistols he had on hand.  I have about 5000 rounds thru the pistol, various HP and ball rounds with zero malfunctions. I switch between my Glock 19 and the CZ. I carry in a JM kydex appendix rig identical to the holster that Mike uses. The gun is a laser beam. About the only negative thing I can think of is the price of magazines. Last bought two at the beginnig of the year. $48.00 per. I'm very happy with mine

My wife has the P07 while I have the P09. We got it used in the Cabela's bargain cave on Black Friday for $362 otd. I'm not sure if we have over 1k through it without looking at my books.

I've had a few malfunctions with it, and one or two REALLY weird ones (spent brass falling back into the gun, primer side towards chamber). These were usually when the gun was pretty filthy, give it a cleanin' and it keeps on tickin'. 

I intend to get some stuff from Cajun Gun Works once I'm done with Mr. Ramsey's baby steps 2&3. If you're not aware, you can have either a decocker, or a safety. Unlike a Beretta 92 series where it's the same part. The only thing I have done with it is swap the decocker to the safety, since my wife only shoots it on single action. This actually drops roughly .5# off your trigger pull. 

As far as mags, the P10 series of mags fit into the P07/P09 guns, so that makes acquiring mags a lot easier. 

Overall, I do like it. More importantly, the Mrs. likes it. Wayy more than any of my glocks  

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I have three P07's and a P09 that have been worked over by both Boresight Solutions and Cajun Gun Works.  My primary off-duty carry pistol is a P07.   I have run it through VTAC (1300 rounds), Mike Pannone (800 rounds) and Reston Group (400 rounds) classes with no malfunctions.  I like having the hammer for IWB carry on the reholster.  If you browse the various forums, you can usually pick up spare mags in the sub $30 range.  Safariland has duty holsters for both, although I had to special order each one.  There are plenty of kydex benders who do good rigs for it.

If it is bedside and range gun, no reason not to go with the P09. Slightly larger, longer sight radius, more in the magazine.  Still a great choice.

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The triggers can be better, but I love the P09 for its combat pistol size and “it goes to 11” magazine capacity.

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