I was pretty impressed with this gun, so I figured I would share some thoughts and pics.

It was marketed as the next Glock 19 killer. Did it succeed? Scroll down to find out! 


This is what comes in the box. Pretty routine kit. It comes with the small backstrap installed. In this picture, you are looking at the medium backstrap. I paid about $400 out the door for it, which I feel is more than reasonable for what I got. You can find the 1st gen models for even less now that an update is hitting the market. More on the updates later. The trigger was a gritty out of the box and not at all like the P10's I had fingerfucked at the gun shop. After less than 100 dry fire cycles, everything mated up and I was relieved to find I had the P10 trigger everyone was raving about. Short take up and a very clean, crisp break. Mine measured an average of 4.5lb.


Factory target; seems to be a little high and right for my preference. Maybe they going for a 6 o'clock hold and compensating for a mediocre right handed shooter (aka, me)?  My first range trip of approximately 300rd proved the factory 15m group was true to life. At 20-25yd, it still holds an impressively tight group when I do my part, but POI was a good 9-10" above my POA. I hate a 6 hold, so some tinkering is in order. 


Sadly even today, there are fairly limited options for P07/P10 sights if you are used to the Glock aftermarket. CZ sells sights of sights, but not front sights only, and while they were very friendly to talk to and always returned my calls promptly, customer service nor the gunsmith department did not have height/width data on their own sights. The best they could tell me was that a #4 front sight was taller than a #2.  Okay, thanks.

I ordered a #4 tritium set with an orange outlined front. The orange ring was barely visible, it was so thin. But at least the POA/POI is dialed in. My decidedly non-machinists measurements told me I wanted a .158-.160 front sight with the stock rear sight. The search was on for how to obtain or make a sight with the desired height and a nice bold orange ring. I have been using Hacks or something similar for a good 15 years and my eyes are trained to look for the orange first.

Enter a company I've never heard of; Night Fision out of Detroit. Claims US made sights with Swiss vials, and a bold ring available in all the colors of the rainbow. (Ever wish for a royal blue front sight? They can hook you up.) I believe I paid $48 for just the front sight. I would like to see Night Fision offer different sight heights, but as it happens, their sole offering works perfectly with the stock rear.

The controls are a pretty standard layout. The gun disassembles in the typical Glock fashion. After the 600rd mark, I decided there are two things I would change on this gun, neither a show stopper. 1) the rear trigger assembly is retained by a roll pin, shown here. The pin rests within the hole, not flush. The hole rubs my thumb knuckle the wrong way. I filled it with RTV and smoothed it down. It doesn't bother me as much any more. 2) the slide release is narrow on top with a sharp edge. I understand they made it as low profile as they could to avoid complaints about protrusions rubbing the lovehandles. I would prefer the option for a most positive engagement surface for both releasing the slide and locking it back during malfunction clearance. I imagine if they extended and rolled the top edge of the release, they could replicate my trusty old Vickers/Glock release.


I was admittedly rolling the dice, buying this gun. One of the P10's in the shop required two hands to drop the magazine if the slide was forward, and a quick web search found plenty of complaints about heavy mag releases. A look shows us that the clever, fully ambidextrous mag release works an HK-style rocker to retain the magazine. One of CZ's early fixes was to reprofile the rocker to give it less engagement on the magazine. I definitely notice the release is heavier on a loaded magazine or when the slide is forward, but not awful. Performing emergency, slide lock reloads with empty mags has positive, nigh on P7M8 velocity, magazine ejection.

The updated 2nd gen models have a reversible rather than full time ambi magazine release. I have not seen one yet to see if/how the rocker interface was changed, but they use the same magazines.

One of the selling points leading up to the release of the P10 was that it was so G19-sized, it would actually fit G19 holsters! I was doubtful, as it appeared the slide was visibly taller than the G19 among other differences. I have found that loosely formed/sized G19 holsters like this Galco SS2 will work, but snug fit, kydex/polymer holsters will simply not work. A VG3 will work if you want to throw a U-boat on, but nothing else from Raven will accommodate the P10C. The height of the slide, and the height of the triggerguard to frame are greater on the P10 by just enough that molded holsters simply won't work. Side note, the Perun is my new favorite holster and if RCS could make one in every gun and light combination I want, that'd be greaaaat. Start with the P10C/XC1 combo.

Second picture is showing a P10C specific holster from M2, a fairly generic kydex fold from a local guy. The gun is also sporting a factory 17rd mag, which I have been using as a reload. The magazines are selling in the $35-40 range retail, which is more than I'd like to be paying. In addition to the two 15rd sticks that come with it, I have bought one 15rd and one 17rd. 


In all, the P10C is a cunt hair thicker in the slide than the G19, by about 0.07". I am fanatical about slide width as the deciding factor in my concealment guns. I can't wait to get my hands on a G48. That said, I have not found the very small difference to be noticeable. With the aforementioned complaints aside, CZ has basically given me everything I would want to change about a Glock.

The range report is boring. The gun goes bang and likes to make ragged holes in the target. At this point, I have shot a total of 700rd of Fed 147gr FMJ, 100rd of WWB 115gr FMJ, and 300rd of HST 147gr JHP (as well as a few misc rounds of whatever 115gr/124gr was laying around the bench) over three range trips and the gun happily digested it all. I had 1 failure to feed during the second trip around the 500rd mark with the 147gr FMJ. The bullet measured significantly longer than spec and I attribute that as an ammunition failure.

CZ has a good LE program that is worth signing up for the price of accessories alone. (Been wanting a Scorpion, have you now?) I am seeing 1st gen guns selling for $350 shipped these days, which is a steal for this fine piece of Czech, IMO. The new 2nd gen is coming in subcompact (12rd) and full size (19rd!) flavors, all with optional optic cuts. CZ is are offering a "G19L" solution (C frame with F slide).

It has not replaced my G19/XC1 for carry just yet, but as the manual of arms is Glock-identical and the trigger is much crisper than my Glocks, I could definitely see it doing so once I build up a stable of holsters.

I feel like I'm forgetting something I wanted to say, but that's all I got for now.



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Nice write up on the CZ.  I'm still a Glock man, but that $350 price tag is pretty tempting just to give it a shot.    How are the accessories?  Are there many after-market parts?  Like an improved slide release?


Well done though.  Thanks for posting it up.


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NALOXONE, I have some questions about the mag release. My info is 2 years old. I finger fucked one at the local gun store and I was very unimpressed with the mag release. It was hard to depress and if the mag was under any tension/jammed it was nearly impossible to push the mag release.

In just a few reps I was missing the mag release a few times and hand to "hunt around" with my thumb to get it to engage. Like it had a specific travel path and if you didn't align with this completely it would refuse to move.

This left a very bad taste in my mouth and I went with a Gen 5 Glock because of it.

Have you noticed this issue in your review?


Most of the usual parts you'd like to tinker with are available from Cajun Gun Works. For the time being, I am content with the factory trigger, so I have no immediate plans to try anything else out. I know CZ Custom has an extended slide release. I may try that at some point, but it's pretty pricey at $90.00. For better or worse, the fully ambidextrous design requires more work than the old stamped metal Glock release.


As for the magazine release, I did notice the tough release in an early model I saw in the store. Checking out several samples, I saw the newer ones seemed to have resolved the mag release issue to my satisfaction, so that's what finally convinced me to pull the trigger on one. My understanding is CZ did reprofile the magazine catch itself. I would also say a newer gen 2 with the reversible release may be worth taking a look at.

I got my P10C straight from CGW with a little bit of their magic sprinkled in.  I am a huge fan of how the gun shoots, carries, and feels, for a compact gun in my mongo hands.

HOWEVER: I am hugely disappointed in the magazine release on mine. I bought it about two weeks before the Gen 2 was announced, and although I like the gun, I don't shoot it near as much as my other pistols because of that little hiccup. I wish I could say that it is something that would break in over time, but considering I bought a G45 as an off duty gun less than a month later, it has only seen limited dry fire and about 200 rds live.

Maybe I should just dedicate some time to it, and let it smooth out even more.



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A member here wrote a really good review of his Bushmaster ACR a few years ago.  He’s a lefty and he brought a unique perspective to the review because of the ambidextrous controls claims from Magpul after the original Masada was released.   I was able to convince him to polish it up a bit and add a few photos before he sold it as an article to SWAT Magazine.

You’d have to drop “cunt hair” and make a few edits, but this could be turned into an article in short order and sold with little effort to SWAT.

I like no-nonsense articles from guys who have “skin in the game”, so to speak, versus the professional gun rag writers who tend to have that ever slight bit of bias.

It is better that they do it imperfectly than that you do it perfectly. For it is their war and their country and your time here is limited.


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Good writeup, thanks for sharing your thoughts. I‘be been thinking about buying a P-10 C for a year or so, but it keeps dropping down the priority list behind a Gen 5 G19, G19X, G45, G43X, etc... I’ll probably buy one if/when CZ offers it with a green frame. I’ve watched a lot of YT videos to feed my curiosity, and while they’re not the most polished, I think this guy has a lot of good insight into the updates that CZ has made to the pistol, some modifications and aftermarket parts, and how to tell what iteration of the design you have if you’re looking at older Gen 1 pistols:


This one is interesting, showing some milling that he did to his mag release along with Jagerwerks slide work (I like the forward serrations):


This one shows some of the issues to check for on older pistols:


Garand Thumb, who I always find entertaining, talked about holsters at the 4:20 mark in this video:


I feel like I may have posted all this here before, so my apologies if you’ve seen this already, but I thought the videos had some useful info.


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