Daily wear plate carrier for police

Looking to replace my ICE tactical one-size fits all plate carrier with a purpose fit one for 10x12 STOP plates.

Needs to be black, the cummerbund must accept soft armor (specifically the banshee fit 13" long soft armor inserts.

Load carriage currently is an APX radio, cuffs, 2 pistol mags, OC, tourniquet and a minimalist ifak.

I've spent the last two days looking but I'm still confused on which cumberbunds take longish soft armor inserts.


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Got it narrowed down to either the Strandhogg or the VS Scarab LE.

I talked with both on the phone and they are awesome.  The Scarab will not take my current cumberbund soft armor (5x13) and the Standhogg will, but there will be a gap.  So the question now becomes deal or get new soft armor.  Ugh.

I would not worry about the gap too much. There is no coverage around the perimeter of your armor- Your armpit and shoulder socket are obvious ingress locations for bullets, as is your neckline and the area under your vest.
Too many assume the gunfight will happen like they do on the square range. You may be taking rounds from  above or behind, or you may be knocked down and be taking rounds from the direction of your feet.

Armor is not magnetic and will not magically attract errant rounds to the ballistic material. You may well get killed or injured with a round that misses your vest, but does not miss your vitals.

Velocity now makes a cummerbund for the scarab that accepts soft armor. But, it appears you are squared away already. Good luck eith the FS im sure you will be happy with it. I however will be buried in my Scarab



Don't look at me in that tone of voice


I'll bring all of my shoes and my glasses....so I have them 

Strandhogg arrived last evening.  I'm still fine tuning the fit but holy...shit....

For the first time ever I'm not fighting my armor.  Feels like I'm wearing it instead of carrying it.  Fits my plates and phokus trauma kit like a glove.  Biggest challenge is the loss.of real estate during to a proper fitting carrier and figuring out what exactly I want to carry on it.

Tonight's goal:  velcro, shoe goo and whiskey.  Have to rig up my ID panels.

Post Car posted:

Strandhogg arrived...

Tonight's goal:  velcro, shoe goo and whiskey.  Have to rig up my ID panels.


Put down the shoe goo. Pour a double whisky.
Read this thread: https://www.lightfighter.net/t...s-for-armor-carriers.
Use One Wrap instead. It works even better on a Strandhogg than a JPC because of the fuzzy liner material of the 'Hogg. Just thread the One Wrap through the 6/12 slots like you would the 6/12 tabs. Than slap your ID panels onto the fuzzy One Wrap.

Unless your ID panels don't have velcro. In that case, pour another double, then order custom laser ID panels from FirstSpear- They are only about $16- less with your cool guy discount.

But if you already spent all your money on good whisky and the Strandhogg, then shoe glue your ID placards to a piece of prickly velcro and then use the One Wrap mod on your carrier.

Ping me on PM if you have questions. Or need a couple feet of One Wrap shipped.

Project done.  Doesnt lay as flat as regular velcro but good.enough for.government work.

This has really helped me slim down what I carry on my vest now.  It's down to one pistol mag, my radio, OC and TQ.  I'm hesitant to run stuff on my cummerbund as it blocks my.belt reloads and potentially my draw.  I think once the fastmag gets here I'll move the one pistol mag to the left.cumberbund but that's about it.

The only thing I wish I had was one of the old blue force gear admin pouches.

I second WTF loop anywhere - I've got a couple in multicam and they work great, easy to trim if needed, and fit like a glove in regular molle.

I also have some cool lasercut loop panels in the swapmeet....



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Ordered a VS LEPC & Arbor Arms Cumberbund system yesterday. AT Armor STOP Plates are getting ordered probably tomorrow once I get my firearms guys to sign off on my paperwork*. Once this comes in, my EGL Chest rig will become a placard on the PC and my active shooter kit will be done finally. 


* - I only need them to sign off on it because I'm purchasing the plates through a department "Equipment Loan" which allows me to split the cost right out of my paycheck over 17 pay periods at 0% interest. At $50 a pay period it makes it much easier to spend almost $1000 on plates not to mention the other $400 on the PC system.


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D6DA1BBB-1A21-461A-A4D1-D97A760B019BSo I contacted First Spear a couple of weeks ago about trying to see if I could get some advice on how to repair the plate bags on my Strandhögg (pretty much daily worn for the last 4 years had worn holes into them in multiple spots, while it was still fully functional it was probably going to fail in the next year or so...). Thier answer...send it back, we’ll either fix it at no charge or replace it. Final outcome: I’m getting a brand new Strandhögg shipped back to me.

I took the opportunity to upgrade my cumberbund to the new “no gap” with some fresh armor (my old soft armor had been under water a lot and was past the end of its warranty period anyway). To say I am impressed with their service is an understatement. 

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