Danner Kinetic and Dromos LE boots- A Review

This review is four and a half years in the making.

I bought my first pair of Danner 8" Kinetic boots in the police academy. After the academy and about a year of wear on the street I semi-retired them as my "court" boots. My second pair then replaced them around late 2015. Second pair has become my "training" boots due to damage. I replaced the second pair at the recommendation of Lightfighter himself with a pair of Danner Dromos (see further down). After less than an actual year of wear I replaced these with another pair of Kinetics, now on their second month of wear.


The Kinetic 8:

Quiet as hell on nearly any surface. On the "personal noise can get you killed" side, my boots are so quiet in the academy I unintentionally scared the shit out of my classmates repeatedly (being that 2/3 of the class were combat veterans, this occasionally could be dangerous). There's some types of linoleum that apparently ANY shoe squeak on, but otherwise, they are so quiet my classmates called them my "ninja boots".

Traction- Excellent, even when on wet surfaces. I've run down streambanks, across wet sidewalks, through hydraulic fluid on wreck scenes, nothing really seems to affect them.

Waterproofing: Not a big deal where I am the majority of the year, but even in the middle of Hurricane Harvey the Kinetics kept my feet dry unless totally submerged.

Heat: Considering it gets well over 100-115F here, they're insulated enough standing on blacktop doesn't make you want to die unless it's for long periods (hours).

Stability: if laced correctly, no real foot movement inside the boot. I've gotten into 9 or 10 foot pursuits and quite a few pig piles taking prisoners to the ground and really had no issues traceable to the boot (stepping in holes I didn't see are another thing....)

Polishability: Not really a big deal around LF, but working at an old school "must be black and shiny" place, the Kinetics do shine easily and well.

Comfort: the padded collar and tongue help a lot and I've worn Kinetics on loooong working days, where you're at work for 16+ hours without serious issue.

Cons: The issued laces suck balls. Replace them if not immediately, then soon. They fray and disintegrate within a few months.

Cost: Good shit costs. But dropping $160 every year to a year and a half does get a bit old.


Pair #2 had a rip on the left side during a foot pursuit where it snagged some barbed wire. Due to the materials, the rip never grew bigger, but due to the soles being pretty well gone, they're now training boots only.


The Dromos:

This is a slightly cheaper, non Goretex version that is also lighter for the same role.

Pros: See above, most of the same apply. The Dromos does not have a padded boot top which is noticeable. It "IS" very light and nimble, I wore mine for several foot pursuits and they're like running shoes.


The major "con" is the fact that despite filling the same role from the same company, and the fact I've worn a size 11 now for 25 years with minor variations (10.5-11 depending on company), the Dromos and Kinetic are NOT the same in sizing. Trusting Danner not to fuck that up, I immediately polished and wore my Dromos on duty. Break-in for the Kinetics are about a day. Whether due to the boot shape or possibly being half a size off (too narrow?) the Dromos took 3 months to break in, as the sides "squeezed" my foot and the arch was rubbing the instep to where it began to hurt. I rotated Dromos/Kinetic every few days to help out, until they finally "broke in" enough to not hurt much.

Then, because God likes to stick it to me, they started hurting elsewhere...…. the rear of my calf. To the point it chafed the skin to where it would not heal without bandaging. Despite changing 3 types of socks.

It got bad enough I've permanently retired the Dromos despite not being anywhere near "worn out" simply because the fuckers hurt to wear. I replaced them with another Kinetic and break in period was 1.5 days. With my generally positive experiences with both, I can not suggest the Dromos unless you have them IN HAND to test wear and fit over a few hours. The Kinetics, if they fit out of the box, are good to go.

Minor "con" is the Dromos leather is different and does not polish up nearly as well.Kinetic 1 and 2SolesDromos and KineticDromos solesDamage


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Looking hard at 6” GTX Kinetics for when my Timberlands finally give up the ghost. 

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6" GTX Kinetics have been my favorite duty boots for years.  I've got a pair for court and my backup boots are Kinetics.  Currently wearing Merrells daily but will probably be back in a new pair of Kinetics in a couple months. I'd bet about 50% of my department is wearing Kinetics on patrol.

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