I have some extra funding to purchase about 25 multicam softshell jackets for my team.  I'm aware of the offerings from WT, ArcT and patagucci, but those are beyond my budget.  I've also looked at the Vertx option, which is closer to what I can spend.

For less than $150 each, does anyone have any suggestions?  'Cause I'm running out of search-fu.

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Close copy to multi cam. I believe they ship free to US and they have a 10% sale on soft shells at the mo:



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Buy them through Amazon, exact same thing:  https://www.amazon (DOT) com/Helikon-Trooper-Shell-Jacket-Camogrom/dp/B00CIR0G7A/ref=sr_1_1?keywords=helikon+trooper+softshell+jacket+camogrom&qid=1566324987&s=gateway&sr=8-1

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Outdooor Research Ferrrosi in coyote/fatigue.  Not multicam, but darn near the same colors and they offer .gov discounts.








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