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I know for a fact that 3/75 has been using the 2L LPS operationally, with the bladders inserted into the rear plate pocket of their plate carriers, and will wear the ruck over top. Having interviewed quite a few guys from the battalion about how the 2L LPS bladder worked under a ruck, they said they could wear a pack pretty comfortably over top of the bladder, as well as sit in a vehicle without the typical 'sausage' you get going on with more traditional 3L hydration bladders.

I don't wear armor in my current duty position but may find one of these to put in my pc for training. Thanks for the info.

The Kifaru X-ray is so far out of a realistic price range it isn't even funny, but it looks to be about a damn perfect assault/patrol/24-48 hour pack.

First Spears Exigent Circumstance is another that seems to be about perfect, but damn expensive.

The Kifaru E&E is another to look at for an assault pack. You really couldn't load it up for more than 24 hrs though. But it's a great little modular pack.

And Kifaru sells their grab it, which is a modular beavertail.
Assault pack vs patrol/3 day pack
Unquestionably it means different things to different people, this is how I define them and what I use.

Assault pack, implies you are going to conduct a direct action or some form of offensive action I use the Tactical Tailor Operator Removable Pack. My assault pack contains mission specific gear my team will be fighting off my back and I will have gear that they will need to access. I like the freedom of movement provided by a bag attached to my back, if I need to remove it I can and put it back on without any assistance. We are issued the eagle yote but I prefer the tactical tailor one.

My Patrol pack is full of my gear to sustain me normally on dismounted patrols/observation posts/ listening posts of more than 24 hours duration and the like I use my issue sniper pack (not one piece of molle on it).
You talking about thier three day pack? Was going to post it the other day. Keeping in mind it includes a war belt/hip belt for the ruck, the price is not quite as bad. Their QD belt realy has me intriged.

Realy interested in it, but not ready to pop the cash without a review. I can't quite understand the frame from the pics.

Description from the High Ground site:
This Pack only available in Multicam & MARPAT Coyote
Hard-Wire, Ultra-Light Frame
•Curved carbon-steel frame eliminates pack weight from the shoulders and comfortably fits over body armor like nothing else on the market.

Quick-Release Waistbelt
•Ultimate weight distribution met a modular battle belt. And had a baby.
•Belt detaches and reattaches in milliseconds so you can ditch your pack but still keep your bullets & bombs on at all times.

Modular / Customizable Assault strap (optional):
•lets you add a battle strap or a customized E&E Loadout

Cable-routing, Zippered Shoulder Straps
•Zippered Shoulder straps keep cables and hydration hoses locked down to prevent snagging
•Ultra light shoulder straps don’t add redundant padding but easily fit over Plate Carrier straps

3 Liter / 100 oz Hydration Pocket
•Includes a top lash point and an elastic band to prevent bladder from bulging in the bottom

Rain cover
•Releasable and reversible rain cover doubles as a daytime signal marker for Aircraft

Compression Panel
•Wrap around compression panel makes it easy to stow jackets or a helmet with NODS or light-weight tools
Side Accessory Pouches
•Two mesh side pockets add an extra spot to throw food, water bottles or mags

Main Compartment Access Points
•Openings at the top and bottom of the pack make it easy to access anything that you’ve shoved into the bottom of the pack

Carry Handle & Lash points
•Top Carry Handle and multiple lash points make carrying and securing this pack easy

Additional Features/Specs
Total weight: 5.4 LBs
Material: 500D Tactical Nylon
Volume: 2,500 cu. in.

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Yeah i keep going back to the Eagle MOLLIE Becker as a base. If I found a cheap green one.....

I picked up a black one awhile back when they were on sale at Natchez and I'm happy with it other than the lid. The fixed lid really limits the packs usefulness IMO.
If they made it with an adjustable lid, and thinner, made for armor, shoulder straps, it would be the perfect do it all pack for me.
Decided to resuscitate this thread. Its a good discussion.

Well, whats old(ish) is new again. I FINALLY got myself an Eagle Patrol Pack. This is the older model (if they even still make this sucker) made of 1000d Cordura. Its heavy, but effing bullet proof. I've wanted one of these since I saw SgtFrog's in the back of his Chevy and begged him to sell me his to no avail. IMHO as far as size goes this is the perfect day pack/EDC bag. Sure, not very low profile for dual use but I've decided in this case I don't care. My last bag that was "low profile" was tiny (FS Comm Pack) and Olive/CB. Yeah, really low pro. Roll Eyes Some things never change. Its capable of carrying a 3 liter bladder, but for the sake of weight (and keeping the back deformed and becoming uncomfy) I think you would be best running a nalgene on the side (as my pack as a mystery ranch 1 quart carrier or two on the sides to run Nalgene's).

Great overall pack, built specifically for patrol as the name implies, EDC, or carrying shit as a go bag in the back of your car/truck while keeping space to a minimum so as to avoid over packing (something I've turned in to a science). Your ability to organize is limited because its one big pocket with two openings. In many ways this keeps you honest so to speak and makes packing easy. Plenty of Molle on the outside allows for easy customization of loads as well as a feature that is oddly hit or miss with small bags like this; compression straps. Compression straps are the shit for obvious reasons but I find them must useful I'm not COMPLETELY sold on molle-attachment only bags and for those models that offer both attachement methods, I've always found something is usually left to be desired on how comfy the straps are. Give a little get a little with respect to that kind of thing, I guess you give up comfort and ease of us for modularity. With the weights your carrying in a bag like this (heaviest thing I could imagine is a drum of SAW or 240 ammo) I dont believe the lack of a HDPE back panel is that big of a minus. This a "personal equipment ONLY" bag. Carry what you need to last a day or two on patrol, nothing more, nothing less or as a grab bag in a truck. Easy enough space for a few warming layers, woobie, water resistant layers (especially the ECWS stuff, which is light and easy to pack down tight), a poncho and some additional ammo, survival kit (if used as a EDC or E&E pack, in which case you could limit your stuff to signal, fire, and water to keep things KISS). Some additional medical equipment (supplemental trauma stuff/TQ and a BooBoo kit) and your done.

It does need a sternum strap.

Question- Anyone have anybody I could send it to get modified? A few internal pockets On the top of the inside lid will aid in keeping small shit from falling to the bottom and save MOLLE space for expanding the organization and carry capabilities. I would love to kick around idea's. Wondering how I could rig this kind of thing up to be an alternative carry option. I like the secret pocket on the Arc Blade 21. I think this pack would be a great project to modify for the simple reason its simple, w/o a lot extra fabric to mess with.

I liken this pack to a larger and easier to organize HPG Tarahuman, just heavier. I wish this pack would be updated an reproduced in 500D as the 500D seems to be much less water retaining and is obviously lighter.

I wish I would have known you were on the search for one, I had one at Riley. I used it for the SDM course before our deployment in 07. It doesn't bother me with the lack of compression straps except when it is almost empty. I liked the openness of the main compartment because I tend to pack very specific and can feel what I'm looking for. I thought the rings at the back top of the compartment would work for something like the Kifaru hanging pockets to keep those small items organized. I appreciated the bottom access zipper when moving firing lines so I could shove my poncho and sand sock without having stuff spilling out.

But yeah, for a basic pack it was heavy.

Merc- No worries, its always been something I've had in the back of my mind, or something I've put off buying as other stuff was deemed more important at the time. But I was searching for an EDC bag and this fits the bill nicely. A pouch or two and I have easy external organization. I've always like compression straps. Mainly I can roll up a woobie (in a water proof stuff sack of course) and a ponch for easy access.

When it comes to the lack of organization, it has its own advantages when you consider messing around at night for shit (or telling a buddy to get something and playing the "no the OTHER other pocket" game). The rings at the top can accomdate a kifaru cell, but could prove to be a PITA to access easily with a bunch of bulky or fluffy stuff (ie green sleeping bag) hence why I wish they were on the opposite side and not the one on your back.

I would say any load over 25lb's is REALLY pushing it, and thats only if the 25 lbs is fairly concentrated and not bulging. Would still love to see it in 500D.
Thanks for reviving this.

I've been checking out the Hill People Gear site lately and they've got a new-ish load carrying solution that wasn't necessarily developed for the military market, but could be easily adapted. It looks like an improved version of MR's Crewcab. Here's a link to the thread in their forum.

The design revolves around a compression kit that attaches to a frame (ALICE, NICE, Kifaru MMR, etc.) and uses a small day pack as a compression pannel. They sell pack bags to use with the system, but I think you could supply your own.

The Tarahumara pack is what they show in their setups, but on their forum there's a Yote used for the same thing.
Here's the picture of that.
I could see this system used for military use, especially with a MOLLE panel on a frame or High Ground's MOLLE frame. If had access to all the pieces right now it'd be easier to explain.

For commo setups, you could attach your radio and a small pouch for commo accessories to the frame, use a small pack (Yote/ECP/MULE) as the compression panel and for your emergency/mission-specific items, and then in between the small pack and the frame use large stuff sacks or pack bags for sustainment items like sleeping bags and clothing. You can leave your sustainment bag behind and retain the frame to carry your assault/commo load.

Medics could use an M9-type bag as the compression bag and use pack bags for their own 3rd line stuff as well as medical supplies not needed for short missions (sick-call stuff). Just detach the M9 bag and leave the ruck at the RP/ORP/truck.

Anyone else could just detach the assault pack portion for short assault or patrols, but you'd always have the option of keeping the frame if you needed it (assault pack plus: talon litter, SSE material, 60mm mortar, recovered cache, ram, etc.)

Sorry for being wordy.
I've actually been patiently waiting for a large pack they are working on before I decide on the pack bag or this as an option. When it comes out I will have that and a Serape on order. I cant remember if its an internal frame or external frame pack but they are promising good things. Hoping MOLLE will be on the hip belt. Seems like a pretty cheap option... BUT if I can snatch a NICE frame from the SM I'll snatch it up if its the right size.
I've been reading through this tread the last couple of
Days and I have not seen the Camelbak HAWG mentioned
SPECIFICALLY as a viable option "assault" pack.

I'm a civi and I am curious why it has not been mentioned.
By you the military guys. That pack seems to me to meet the
Wants and needs mentioned in this thread.
I did see the CAMELBAK packs mentioned earlier in this thread.
I hadn't heard of or paid attention to High Ground Gear before, but I had the opportunity to handle some of their offerings at the Recon Challenge yesterday, and the 3-Day pack looked good.

It has a heavy gauge wire frame contoured to work with armor, and has a pretty neat quick-detach feature the allows the waist belt to be your sole warbelt. Just hit the ORP? Engage the disconnects on your hips and the botton straps slide out of a sleeve, leaving you with the belt and anything attached. It didn't strike me as a full belt, mind you, but I didn't look too closely.
Oh, it's definitely taller, in part because it clocks in at 2,500 cu. inches compared to a RAID's 1,500+.

It looked like it could pull good duty as a true 3-day pack, not a wannabe that gets overstretched into a role it shouldn't. It's got the stiff frame after all, and although I couldn't load it up or anything, it looked like it could carry a 117X; the JTAC pack looks special-built for that role, however.

It felt a lot like the one-off T&E pack I used at the Bataan Death March that I'll be reviewing somewhere soon (more alpine in form).
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