Tan or Coyote? 

Because especially if desert/sand/tan instead, that's a color they no longer carry then 40% of retail is not uncommon, seen it before even for CamelBak stuff, for blowing out discontinued stuff. Good deal if so, though so if no other reason to be suspicious, I'd enjoy it. 

Well then even better! But it's low, not clearly-a-knockoff low. Street prices are often under $200, several hovering around $150. So $90 is not /outrageous/, and weirdly good one-off deals like this are one way I get my good stuff because I am a huge cheapskate

Other way to check for Amazon is recent reviews. I have passed up good deals because half the recent reviews say it's old model, used, damaged, a knockoff, etc. These look solid. One of those from 2 months ago, one from last year, but shipping does screw up (and it's Amazon! You can return it!) so that's not enough of a red flag to me. 


They also have the ABU one for the same price. 

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Looks like Multicam HAWGs are also on sale, for $97 apiece, which makes me think about if I actually need a pack this size.

While not  perfect, I think it straddles the line between too large and too small pretty well. You can't easily overload it like an Eagle IIIA or a RAID, but you don't have to be quite as selective like with a Yote. To me, packs this size fall into yet another grey area; too small to be a "patrol" pack, too large to be a true "assault" pack, but undeniably useful if you need to carry more than just the bare essentials, like in colder/wetter weather, etc. While I like my Warrior Assault Systems Yote-copy, I'm not a huge fan of regularly using the beaver-tail, as putting anything of substance in it makes it sick pretty far out from my back.

It does, somewhat. It’s organization panel and CCW compartment are a definite difference.

I bought the wolf gray one, because it’s a different color I’ve never had.  It works great as an under-the-seat carry-on and would be a pretty stealthy pack for all sorts of activities. It’s only limitation I’d the lack of hydration ports and a bladder pocket. The side pockets are good, though.

@Community Member posted:

We haven’t even started talking about Alpha One Niner’s  Evade series of packs.

OMG, I'm really starting to dislike you with all of the pack goodness you've been posting lately. 

Let me tell you these are great packs and the owner is an awesome dude. 
The idea behind the Evade was hatched at the EDC forum. Helm the owner took the major ideas and developed the Evade pack. I have a first gen Evade. The G 2 line has a full pals/Velcro back wall. 

@Community Member posted:

We haven’t even started talking about Alpha One Niner’s  Evade series of packs.

I have been meaning to pick one of these up.  I bought the Evade 2.0, but it was just too big for me for EDC.  The new 1.5 seems perfect.

How are you liking it?

I'd love it for a EDC / Greyman type bag that I can use when out.  I like the Concealed compartment for when that is needed.  Would also make a great carry on bag for air travel.  I'm debating between the 500d and the 420 ripstop. I'd probably go with the Lite version since I don't really need a laptop compartment. I'll probably get Wolf Grey.  I'd love a Black MC, but figure grey is a little for "friendly" color when I want to go unnoticed.

On a side note, when the 2.0 was coming out, I was talking with Helm (the designer) and found out he was the main guy behind the I-Shot range bags. I still have a I-Shot range bag that I have been using for YEARS and it's still going strong. 

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Awesome thread and interesting to see how a lot of the same questions are still looking for answers 9 years later lol.

As a civilian, I’m looking for the right balance of a small assault style pack and 3 day pack as well, just for the sake of general preparedness. My “load out” would be similar to what’s been posted and by a rough tally would be around 20lbs including 3L of water. The big question for the smaller assault pack is whether to clip into my PC or go with the pack straps?

For the Assault Pack, a few options I’m looking at:

-SORD Hydration pouch XL - add a few ammo/GP pouches and a DIY Beavertail, and this should hold what I need for this type of pack  

- Kifaru E&E - shoulder straps are just 2” webbing so I’d likely just run those. Can also add pouches and Beavertail

- AWS Yote - not a fan of the 50% price increase but it has a lot of desirable features

- Ares Armor Combat XII pack - I may be able to get one of these <$100 but I haven’t found any solid reviews and not sure I like the layout. Also seems like putting your loaded mags in the top pockets would make the bag sag/droop and generally be poor load carriage form.

For the 3 Day Pack, I currently have the Spec Ops THE Pack and I feel like it’s sized right for this role, but the shoulder straps are fairly stiff and padded and you definitely feel them when combined with a PC. I can actually get a pretty decent stock weld when mounting the gun, but it just feels bulky.  

Looking at the Raid II straps has me wondering if that’s a much better route?

And it also brings up another big question...if the straps work well with armor, why not just use the Raid II for everything? Plus it up with pouches for the 3 DAP role and cinch it down with a smaller load for the Assault Pack role? I’m thinking I could also rig up straps (if i really wanted to direct attach to armor) and a Beavertail as well.



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