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Some of you guys have expressed interest in having a detachable top lid on the DG3 like the DG16.  I like the concept because it give me some versatility in scaling the pack up or down as needed.  With a DG16 style lid you can easily bump up to 65L or more.  

In this case, we are taking Dirt Pro's DG3 and making it detachable.  So I wanted to post some pics for those of you that might want to do-it-your-self.  So with no further a-do.


First off we gotta remove the lid.  I use my regular scissors, just be careful.


Trim the side corners even with the back.


I trimmed around whole lid, making a slightly smaller shape, then re-stitched the two layers together.  This is very helpful for adding binding tape.  


Original Post


And re-assembled.  


Note how much further you can adjust lid towards back.  This helps when the ruck isn't quite full, and you want to re-center the lid, so it isn't drooping down somewhat in front.

I think this just gives you a much more versatile system, between the DG3 and DG16, with different top lids, you can go from 55L, to 65-70L on the DG3, then from 85L, to 95-100L on the DG16.    

Diz posted:

Yuk, Yuk, you guys crack me up.  Snow collar on a front zip is a tough proposition.  I'm thinking you best bet is a big 90L bag liner for that deal.  

Diz I envisioned a 2 zipper system (the collar extends above the pack lip and has it's own zipper (basically an ALICE collar that has a zipper added to it), and the bag's center zipper remained unaltered.

Functions: unzipper the snow collar, and then unzip the bag to spread it open like normal. There will still be a small gap where one zipper meets the other, but gives you the functionality of an ALICE style collar.

Even fanceir, sew a velcro band around the top of the pack, and now you have a removable snow collar. 


In reality, I'll prolly leave everything as is, and continue to use a medium size stuff sack/or hydration baldder on top to keep any little items from squirting out the top of the pack.

Yeah you hear these arguments go back n forth over snow collars.  If you need them drive on, but being in the south east, with our fair share of wind n rain, I've never had any issues.  The way I pack, I have some sort of jacket on top of everything, plus the 3L water bladder in a pouch, which sits on top, right under the lid.  This effectively seals everything else inside there from blowing  whatever.  

For this front zip format, you basically have to live with the fact that you don't a getta that.  And yeah, the MR tri-zip gets around this with, well a tri-zip.  But all n all, I prefer a classic top lid.  

Like I don't have enough to do, but, I might look at a top loader bag in the 55L size here.  And just make the bag a roll-top and with SR buckle. I think that would put this here issue to bed.  

This is great feedback guys.  Will kick all up the ladder to the powers that be.   

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