20191103_14234520191103_14242120191103_14244620191103_14253020191103_14260920191103_142632I have wanted a Direware SOLO for years.  Problem was that his books were closed with over a two year backlog and that any on the secondary market were being flipped for up to 50% above retail  Homey don't play that.

I am on his email blast and every once in awhile he will post a batch of knives that are available to anyone.  Up to 20 at a clip.  While they are sold at retail, you of course have no way of changing any of the specs.  Also, and I shit you not, those 20 knives disappear in a few hours.

Well, only a few months ago, I get a notice that his books are open.  Happy, happy, joy, joy.  I contact him and we go back and forth about specs and options.  And, unlike some motherfucking cocksucker of a maker who shall remain nameless but rhymes with American Kami, you don't pay a thing until it is 10 to 14 days before it's done.  At that time you pay in full and your knife ships.

So, I ordered my vision of a SOLO.  This is variant 6, with internal changes to the lockbar and a few other things.  The SOLO v4 was the last of the beasts in that the thickness of the frame was .25" thick on both sides.  Quite the handful.  From v.5 on, he has slimmed it down quite a bit but it still falls solidly into the "overbuilt tactical" camp.

Being this is a full custom from start to finish, here's the build specs:  

Lock side:  slightly textured and blasted Ti

Presentation side:  Marble CF

Blade:  3.75" recurve of 20CV steel, hand ground and polished.  I had him add contrasting flats in black ceramic.

Runs on bearings, has Ti standoffs, beautiful gimping on the blade spine and two copper pivot surrounds I added for a little contrast.  I also upgraded the clip from Ti to zirconium.

I have been flipping this all weekend.  One had to be very careful....my middle name....to watch the blade when closing as it will fall with a quickness under its own weight.  Given this is the sharpest blade I have ever handled, that would not be a good idea.




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