Sometime last year, there was a discussion on here about using a Tyvek mailing envelop to create a pocket magazine pouch. The idea was simple lightweight and low profile.

I  was looking for something that would let me slip a couple of spare mags into my back pocket and at the time I could not really find anything off the shelf that I liked.   So an idea was stolen and tweaked.

I did not have any Tyvek, But I did have some HEAVY mylar bags left over over from  a project my company worked on along with a heat sealer for it.

So broke out the rotary cutter and spare mags, and came up with something that would fit 2 G43 mags and fit in my back pocket.

G43 mylar pouch

the bright and shiny tinman look was NOT want I was after, and the edges where a bit sharp. So I did what any good redneck engineer would do and broke out the duct tape, or Gorilla Tape in this case..


Finished Mag pouch

The Gorilla Tape not only made it less shiny, but also served to increase the durability. a second single mag pouch was made that did not get tape, and it started falling apart at the seams after a couple of months of use.

g43 pouch after use

 While not a true indicator of durability, this is after 8 months of daily carry, there is no wear or tear to speak of, the corners and bottom edge have rolled over a bit as they conformed to shape. You can also see where the corner where trimmed a bit to help fit the back pocket better and to help prevent premature wear on the pocket.

The snug fit in the pocket does make it difficult at time to remove the whole setup, but it does a great job at keeping the mags in a position to be drawn quickly if needed. and the flexibility in the pouch lets it conform to the body


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Good idea.

When I carry the j-frame,  I always have 2 speed loaders with me and I hate the way they rattle around in my cargo pocket. Might try and adapt for that purpose.

Thanks for posting.

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KyPlinker posted:

Are the mags affected at all when you sit on then? Also how is the comfort? I have an aversion to things in my back pockets, to include wallets. 

The mags do not seem to be affected at all.  The comfort level is high enough i have not noticed the maga in the back pocket.  I also have not  taken multiple hours long drive. If i do the mags would come out my wallet.  out an about town or out to dinner  and movie it is more comfortable than i would have first thought

Thought it was time for an update on how well this little pouch has held up over the last year.



as you can see it still looks almost new. bottom edge of the tape where it was folded over to form the seam tape is coming loose a bit, on the lower left side.

Back corner is crumbled a bit  along with the tape starting to wear through. not unexpected for a  corner considering its construction materials


The side seam tape is starting to wear through on the bottom left corner


All things considered,  I have been really happy with this. and pleasantly surprised by its durability.  Part of me wants to add another strip of gorilla tape to the edges that wearing, and part of me whats to run it as is until it falls apart to see how long it will last. 

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