BLUF - I only have a handful of rounds through this rifle right now.  I intend to keep up an ongoing report on this rifle's performance.  So while this rifle is still near new, I intend to make this studboard worthy before it's through.


Last week I drove up to the office of Joaquin “J” Delgado from Double D Armory and picked up one of his new SSTF-v2 rifles.


Disclaimer - I’ve known J for a few years now and consider him a friend. I used one of his SST rifles as my go-to training rifle for almost two years, so when he asked me to give him some feedback on his new rifle I agreed. He also agreed to let me document the process, good and bad, to post. Based on past performance I expect good things from the SSTF-v2.

Specs - The SSTF has forged recievers (vice the billet receivers of the SST), a 16in barrel, 15in MLOK compatible rail and came with the Magpul MOE SL grip and butt-stock.   Everything but the receiver extension is marked with Double D's logo.  Bolt carrier, rail, barrel, and receiver.  I need to get with J and ask about the manufacturing but I know he's a stickler for being able to QC his parts.


One of the things that makes Double D (Quick note on the name, J’s son has the initials D.D., hence the name. It’s got nothing to do with cup size… pervert) stand out is that they hard coat anodize the rifles in patterns of the customer’s choosing. Because J is also a former Marine, he had this rifle done is a pattern mimicking the MARPAT desert pattern that the Marine Corps uses.

Right away it’s an eye catching rifle. The hard coat pattern means that the gun could be field ready with very little painting. Getting the gun set up for the range meant slapping on an older T1 I had just shipped home from work and tossing it into the truck.

I got a rough zero (turned out to be a little low-see picture above) and put 300 rounds through the gun as a functions check. Most of this was done working target to target transitions near to far and far to near. After I’d gotten 10 magazines through the gun I worked reloads for another 60 rounds. I followed that with multiple targets, both stationary and moving. I finished the day with 10 rounds slow fire from the 50yd line. I was shooting from the prone using the magazine as a mono-pod. Total I put 480 rounds through the gun.

Once I got the rifle home I tore it apart to have a look at the guts. The only thing of note was that the castle nut wasn’t staked. Talking to J he said he assumed I was going to replace the receiver end plate with something with a QD attachment point (I was) so he left it unstaked. Everything else was assembled and staked properly.

The rifle has since gotten a light and sling. The MLOK rail makes attaching the sling/light a breeze. I intend to replace the A2 birdcage with a SF flashhider so I can run the rifle suppressed and see how it performs. Other than that it’s going to stay as delivered. I plan on running this rifle in classes and training for 10k rounds or so to try and provide some worthwhile feedback.



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Original Post

I broke 2500 rounds on the gun while at the range with USMC03 yesterday. No cleaning yet and so far it's running fine.

The only observed issue is the staining on the BCG. This was/is a known issue with NiB coated BCGs and, as I understand it, doesn't affect the lubricity properties NiB offers. It's just cosmetic. For me it's neither here nor there because I run my guns with decent lube generously applied and I'm not too concerned about something looking used.

I'm getting ready to go back overseas so the rifle will be cleaned before I stick it in the safe for a few weeks. I'll try to get a solid 5k on it next time I'm home.

Gratuitous drill video-

[U]FAST rifle/Pistol[/U] (Stolen from Bill Blowers at P&S)
Set up - one target at 15yds, one target at 7yds. Targets have a 3x5 card pasted in the head and an 8in circle in the upper chest (I was shooting the A zone on an IPSC)

COF - On the buzzer engage the 15yd target with your rifle. 2 rounds to the head, reload, 4 rounds to the body. Transition to pistol. Engage the 7yd target with 2 rounds to the head, reload, 4 rounds to the body.

My run was just over 11sec and I dropped one head shot on the rifle.



"Shines the name, shines the name Rodger Young."

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