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So, last year, in anticipation of hillary becoming potus, I bought a DPMS AR10.

It came out of GA Precision, with a 24" Bartlien barrel installed by them, old style badger style handguard, magpul prs stock, and OD cerakote

It's been sitting in a case, not seeing much if any use, while I decide to sell it or mod it.

What I'm looking at is getting the barrel cut to 18" and having a SF warcomp installed. A friend works for Collier Rifles and will do it for cheap, & I have the warcomp.

I will live with the handguard and factory 2 stage trigger, for now.

I have a Colt carbine buffer tube and a early sopmod stock that I figured I might put to use on the AR10.

This won't be a duty gun, and I'm not really a long range guy.

Any suggestions on mods? Particularly the buffer and spring set up?

Thoughts on the Colt tube...I know it should be GTG but a touch of ocd say's it doesn't belong...of course I can upgrade to another stock..unless I go UBR from the start..but trying to not spend a lot right now.

Any internal things to look for? Bolt, extractor etc?

Not looking to make it a 762 carbine or battle rifle, still precision oriented, just a bit trimmer.

Let me know what ya think 


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