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Was not sure where to post this, as dummy rounds and snap caps can be used across basically all weapon systems.

I have 10 dummy rounds, brass cases, 168 gr. SMK projectiles and silicone/RTV filling the primer pocket.  I use these for dry fire with my Savage 110 Tactical and other than the silicone breaking down from repeated use, is there anything else one should look for as signs they should be replaced?

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There are two functions of snap caps I am aware of: 1. Protecting the firing pin during dry fire, 2. Inert substitute for function check of feed and extract.

For function 1, as long the silicone provides “ sufficient resistance to prevent damage to the firing pin you should be fine.   Personally I cut small pieces of pink eraser to fit the primer hole and epoxy them in.  Haven’t had to replace them yet.  

For function 2, dents / dings/ scrapes  and bullet setback could make the snap cap no longer analogous to an unchambered round.   Enough wear from chambering could eventually result in metal failure but if you are using them that much, you should see signs of the wear.  

Other than that, they shouldnt need much upkeep.  

This is me embarrassed that I don’t dryfire enough to have even considered this beforez. 

Thanks, gents.

dmax03, I'm not so old that I don't recall Pink Pearl erasers. They are pretty tough.  I've got a lot of erasers for my Pentel pencils and they're about the right diameter. That's my quest for this evening.  Break out the calipers and get some diameter numbers.

I've got about 1250 to 1500 dry fire cycles total on all 10 of my dummy rounds since late March. They are in good shape still so no worries, yet.

I developed my own for use in semi & odd beltfed.

The plastic commercial ones tended to break & worse did not replicate the ejection cycle too well.

Fired steel Chicom case, drilled out the primer pocket for nylon plug (nibbled from cutting board) & glued+crimped steel projectile.

If I was doing it again, I'd cerakote the case so in no way a live round be mistaken for drill.

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If I was doing it again, I'd cerakote the case so in no way a live round be mistaken for drill.

I've Aluma Blacked brass casings to discolor them. 

If I every make more, I'm going to try finding an 0-ring that has the right diameter to cut sections out for the depth of the primer pocket and press fit them in.    Possibly drill the primer pocket depth a little deeper too.

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