Many are aware, but if not – Safariland is having significant issues in getting duty holsters to customers. Given that they are pretty much the only game in town, it’s a problem.


One of the things I was looking for at SHOT this year was options. Alien Gear and Blackhawk were two companies advertising they had them.  


Alien Gear, normally a maker of less than wonderful hybrid CCW holsters, was advertising a duty holster in the lead-up to the show.


Went to Alien first, visiting their downstairs booth. What appeared to be one of the duty holsters was sitting on a chair there, but I was directed upstairs to see them.


Looking at and handling the design – it looked injection molded, like the 7T series, but maybe with a “more” porous surface on the non-basket weave models. I could not form an opinion about how it would hold up in terms of weapon retention.  


The release mechanism is a downward push by the shooting thumb, like the G-Code SOC and BH Omnivore holster designs. Also, like the G-Code SOC, the release mechanism sends the bale forward and down. Unlike those, it has a guard on either side – front & back – to aid in preventing a release by someone grabbing the gun. I did not check to see how easy it is to try depressing it with the support hand, so I can’t comment on that. It would need to be looked at in testing – like other designs have been.


Speaking with the salesman, I asked about agency testing, use, etc. He told me they sent several pre-production samples to the armorers at a large Midwest police department. Those armorers supposedly gave it a thumbs up and have said they’ll be recommending it. What about weapon retention, defensive tactics, and the like? Recently they have sent production versions to the defensive tactics (arrest & control) instructors at the same agency. Samples had gone OCONUS to a national police agency. And, he mentioned over one hundred domestic agencies have sent T&E requests.

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Looks like there are multiple versions: with or w/out a WML, PMO hooded or non-hooded, and plain or BW exterior.


I saw one advertised price for a non-WML, non-hooded version of $119.95. Being retired I’m not sure I’d rush out and buy one for that; maybe if the full featured version shows up below $100.


Blackhawk has deservedly taken a lot of grief over the Serpa. They introduced a new “T” series duty holster that has gone beyond the Omnivore. I don’t recall seeing a PMO version in their part of the booth but there was a WML capatible model (see my photo).


The release is an inward push mechanism with a paddle that looks to sit about where one’s thumb would land if they did not have a frame mounted safety. The covering for the sights/rear of the slide acts as a guard to the front of the paddle. There is a ridge guarding the paddle towards the rear of the holster as well.T-Series-Holster-5

It is molded with a finish similar to any other BH holster.

I haven’t seen a MSRP, MAP, etc on it yet. No chance for discussion on whether or not it had been in agency hands yet and what T&E was showing – not that I’d expect to have heard anything other than glowing reviews. Like the Alien Gear holster, if the price was reasonable (and they make it for a M&P w/WML and PMO) I’d be willing to buy one and evaluate it.

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I have one...they advertise it as concealable, it is not as it sticks far out from the waist.    will give it some more tries and report but so it's only good point is not a Serpa.  The box has a belt loop and their version of a TekLok for belt attachment.

I saw Erick there, and we both had the same idea about duty holsters, but I was more focused on the Alien Gear rig.

I went and talked to them, and made arrangements for SPD to get some to evaluate.  Apparently, the material is proprietary.  I spent some time talking to him about it, and asking a bunch of questions.  From what I saw, I was impressed.  But, I want to see what happens after our training section and range get ahold of it.  They will give it to the DT guys, and they will go to town on it for disarming drills.  But, keep in mind, my agency authorizes the slurpa…  and it is popular.

I am waiting with bated breath, and am hopeful this holster is a winner.

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Just posted this over in the STI 2011 thread:

IsaacL posted:


I've been checking the website every few days - the Safariland ALS/SLS for the 4.1" Staccato P DUO is finally available. Just placed an order for an 6360RDS-582-131 (mid-ride).  Website is still showing the 4.4" version as not available. 

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DirtySanchez posted:

I saw Erick there, and we both had the same idea about duty holsters, ...

That's because the true test of someone else's intelligence is how much they agree with you

Word has it the biggish PD on the east side of your state, next to an Air Force base, has some & are testing them too.

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