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I am in search of a acog like optic to go on my house gun. I currently am running a trijicon mro. I have a 3x magnifier for it. The problem is.. I got a stand alone wall "safe" that covers the action. It has a cut out for the optic to stick out.

The problem is with the 3x magnifier its to long to fit in the cut out. 

The gun is used for house and farm protection. Mainly coyotes, Cougars and other wild life messing with my horses and goats. Distance is about 100 yards maybe further. I would need to be  precise enough to pick a coyote out from a goat while they are fighting. So I want some magnification not just the red dot. 

And now the problem. I don't have much money.. So i need something "CHEAP". There are some ACOG knock offs and similar type optics out there.  Can you all give me some ideas.. Maybe what you have bought and either worked or failed?

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Primary Arms has a 3x optic with an ACOG interface and mount.  So you can change out the Picatinny mount for something else if you want, or use the ACOG interface for a direct mount if that suits your needs.  It has a battery powered ACSS reticle, so with the power on, a variable red-lit reticle, or with the power off, a black reticle.  It has a good rep from everyone who has tested them.  I've got one, but I've yet to get it out to the range for testing.



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I'll second the QD mount idea.  You could keep the magnifier attached to the safe near your rifle in a couple ways.  A magnet, if there's sufficient steel in the magnifier or mount, velcro, or even screw a section of pic rail to your safe / shelf.  Alternatively, if you have rail space on the handguard, you could stick the magnifier there so you can just grab the rifle and go. 

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