Produced in collaboration with Spartan Blades, the new LIMITED EDITION Ek/Spartan Dagger is now available.

Spartan/Ek Dagger

Serialized, EK001 to EK200, Ek is offering 200 of these.  Spartan will be selling the sister series of 200 knives serial marked SB001 to SB200.

Made in the USA, the Ek/Spartan Dagger is made from CPM S35VN.  It has a black tungsten DLC coated blade that measures 6".  The overall length of the Dagger is 10.8125". Additionally, these daggers are made 3/16" thick with a hollow grind.  The guard of the daggers are actually "Legacy" parts from the old company that were salvaged for this project. The handle material is G10 and the sheath is made of MOLLE compatible nylon cordura.



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DJ, why am I NOT surprized you have one !!! (READ JEALOUS)

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GLOCK10MM posted:

DJ, why am I NOT surprized you have one !!! (READ JEALOUS)

LOL!  I know, man.  These knives are dope, buck, and ill.   They were just beginning to sharpen them when I visited on March.   As soon as I walked into the shop and saw the knives, I knew I had to have one.  But picking one up and feeling how right it was in hand clinched it.  If they hadn't promised EK/Ka-bar that they would not start selling them until April, I'd have walked out of there with one.   This dagger is a home run, but I'd expect nothing less from Curtis, Mark, and crew.   Knives are selling fast, but that is not surprising.  I saw a ton of them when I was there, but as of right now, they are down to just seven.   And I'm not sure they will be doing more.   

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