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I know from having done it in the past that 5.11 will do it, but they take a while to get the stitching done.

Another option is Lids, but they may not have the colours you want, although their embroidery service is pretty fast. They may or may not embroider someone else's caps.

A third option is to look at a local company that provides the service. I have one local to me that will do it.



fmfbest posted:

If you have a nice industry hat chances are it’s done by Reggie Matthews.  919-212-3796.

We we’re in the market for hats and I noticed that the swag hats I really loved all turned out to be from the same place and low and behold it was right in my town.  Surefire, BCM, Leupold, so many companies in our industry were on his walls.  Dozens and dozens of the big names.

I'll second Reggie's work.  He did a run of hats for me a few years ago and we couldn't be happier with the results.

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