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Does anyone have an opinion on a Emerson Sheepdog knife with the Bowie blade?  I have wanted an Emerson for well years and my brother and sister asked me if there was something I wanted that has gone since my deployment.  I have been mission a Benchmade Auto since Sept 2016 and I replaced it with a Zero Tolerance knife but The whole issue is I keep going back and looking at Emersons because I keep wanting one. 

Are there other models I should look at that might be better?

I do not have a lot of experience with knives in general except my Benchmade Auto was used to get a guy off me in Iraq then I went for my M9 after I was shoved to the ground laying on my M4.  So that is my experience with knives. 

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I have a knife collection that twists most folks minds.  I have owned 67 full custom Emerson’s at one time.  These of my favorite knives is the ZT Emerson.  My wife and I each have one and they are good for travel in that they are not horrifically expensive and perform great.  We had custom orange scales done tor the “search and rescue” knife look.  A cop in Canada is making some custom titanium dog paw discs for them as well.  If I can find a laser engraved somewhere they will get “Search and Rescue” laser engraved on them.  Great knives!



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