My wife is a paramedic and I bought her a pocket folder to carry on duty.  While she likes having a knife, she tells me its to hard to get to when she is wearing her bunker gear and wants a sheath knife (folder).  The one thing she did like about the knife I got her was that it had a seat belt cutter.  Anyone know of a good folder that has a seat belt cutter and a sheath? Most of the ones I have seen are huge and I don't think she would like them. I stick with my ZT's and CRKT knives cause they work and I am not a real big knife guy besides that.

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Why not just get a good belt sheath for a folding knife that she already has or likes, rather than trying to find a new knife that comes from the factory with a (crappy) sheath.


However, if you do want to get her a new knife, then Benchmade has some nice folders with strap cutters.  


Take a look at the Triage.


It has orange handles, a sheepsfoot blade, a glass breaker, and a strap cutter:



Benchmade also sells some belt sheath pouches, but I cannot personally attest to their quality:



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As 4track said, get a sheath to fit a folder she likes.


I will offer this suggestion, which I have been very happy with, the Spyderco Assist.

Easy opening with heavy gloves, blunt tip and serrate edge allows for sliding under a seat belt or clothing to cut away either, glass breaker (I've never used).

I carry mine behind my IFAK on my PC. It also carries well in a pocket. Years ago I saw the Coast Guard had them on their ditch vests.



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Will look at getting her just a sheath......She picked out the knife she carry's now (A Smith and Wesson), but I think she needs something a little higher quality now that we know it's not going to end up left at home.  She used to never carry a flashlight on her person, but I got her a small one and she now swears by it lol.

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