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Did anyone successfully return an EOTech for refund that has spray paint on it? I mean on the housing, not on the glass or anything. Having a hard time removing Aervoe and if L3 doesn't care, then I'm not going to care. 







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Yes.  I had one krylonned Tan that I picked up used.  Got most off when I got it with acetone, but still had a fair amount of paint...they took it no question.  I think they'll take just about anything, as a refund is probably preferable to a punitive judgement.  

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Awesome, thank you. I'll be another test dummy then and send this completely digital camo painted one in and see what happens.

I have no idea what model it is.... it says it was manufactured December 2009, has the front transverse mounted CR123 battery, brightness settings on the back with a round button above that says NV, and an allen screw mount that screws from the left side of the optic. 





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Mine was 10 years old, Covered in Spray Paint and I got full market value. The problem was getting the funds away from my wife. My Larue Trijicon TRO showed up Friday!

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Sent 12 of them back that had been spray painted. They don't care. 

Without a photo it sounds like a XPS3. They'll give you the current msrp from 2009. You can list today's msrp and they'll send you a note telling you the msrp they'll pay out.  Took about 60 days from shipping the sights to receiving the check on the 12 I did. 

Hope that helps. 

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For those who sent EoTechs back for a refund.  I read some info on a class action suit last night that basically said if you had returned your EoTech and received a refund, you should receive $22.50 at some point as part of the class action settlement.

I just got a Court ordered blurb today.  Basically if you got a refund you will also get a coupon good for $22.50 off one Eotech purchase.  If you elect to keep your Eotech you can get a larger coupon but I believe the limit was $100.00.

I used my refund to help fund an H1 and I'm not looking back...

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