So I'm fortunate to have access to there program(s), and I'm out of the loop for sunglasses since most of the time I've been wearing prescription glasses in and out of the vehicle for years. I'm wearing contacts now, as they really improve my vision, that said I"m looking for feedback or personal experience with each company? good, bad, what's good value etc, as always real end user experience is  appreciated. Thanks & Stay safe.


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The way I've heard it, they are jointly owned and produced in the same factories, but I haven't been able to confirm.  The draw to ESS for me is the ability to change out lenses on the frames.  I'm sure the SME's on here will be chiming in with some great advice, if you DO decide to go with ESS the code CR2188MA will give you 40% off whatever you choose except for prescription lenses.

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I've been wearing ESS pretty much since the company started, and have dozens of pairs of glasses and goggles stashed in various kits and vehicles. They did save my eyes (and face) in a bike accident 15 or so years ago, and have saved my eyes several times from metal slivers, rocks and other debris on too many occasions to remember.

It has been bought by Oakley according to the last ESS rep I spoke with at SHOT a couple of years ago.



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I had a pair of Oakley's (M frames) that I loved because of the optical clarity.  They scratched easily, though.  Now I wear ESS.  The only ESS I've had problems with are the older ICE models, and that is because the frames fall off easily when using with ear pro.

I have owned both for many years, and yes Oakley owns ESS.

For every day wear I use Oakley SI sunglasses as they are more fashionable yet still offer protection.  I use these too when at the range on sunny days.  For indoor use I have ESS set up with clear lenses ready to go, and have the tinted lenses as a backup in case something happens to the Oakleys.

Luxottica is the huge sunglasses conglomerate that owns Oakley (and Ray-Ban), and Oakley owns ESS -- which is why their military-style "Blade"-shape lenses look similar.

The Oakley military coatings have disappointed me, my son, and others as they craze sometimes and make them unusable.  This also happens with Smith polarized coating.

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