Evolution Training Solutions, LLC

Red Dot Sight Pistol Instructor

November 9-10, 2019

USP Canaan, Waymart, PA



Course Description: As firearms technology advances, more and more individuals are starting to equip their duty pistols with micro red dot sights. Many are installing micro red dot sights and employing them without having proper training or practice with Pistol mounted RDS optics. This 16 hour RDS Instructor course will help Firearms Trainers teach shooters how to better familiarize themselves with the differences in use of iron sights vs. RDS equipped handguns and how to choose proper reliable equipment. Additionally, after completion of this course you will be able to train students how to deploy a RDS Pistol in a low-light environment utilizing both handheld and weapon mounted white lighting systems.


Topics Covered:

Medical / Safety Brief

Instructor Development

Weapons Handling and Familiarization

Gear Selection

Policy Development Considerations

RDS Zero Process

Reengineering the Draw

Optic Occlusion / Failure

Identifying Mechanical Offset

Dot Acquisition Under Draw

Shooting on the Move

Target Transitions

Target Discrimination

Handheld Flashlight Techniques

Shooter Workspace

Use of Cover/Concealment

Weapon Malfunction Drills


Required Equipment: Handgun with RDS. At least 3 magazines and magazine pouch, Holster must attach via the belt (paddle holsters are not allowed). 800 rounds of handgun ammunition. 10 dummy rounds. Handheld flashlight(Minimum of 325 Lumens). Eye protection and electronic ear protection. Water and snacks recommended. 2 Glow Sticks or PID and a method to secure them to your front and back.


Hosted By: Federal Bureau of Prisons USP Canaan


Course Location:

USP Canaan Range or (41.5635, -75.4239)

206 Canaan Rd.

Waymart, PA 18472


Who Can Attend: Law Enforcement, Military, Corrections, Constable, Probation/Parole


Prerequisites: Certified Law Enforcement Firearms Instructor through State, Federal, or Recognized Private Training Organization.


Register at: https://www.evolutionordnance....ht-pistol-instructor



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