I am working a school district patrol (non peace officer) gig right now and we are autorized external carriers. 

Im in the market for a good external carrier and want to find some feed back on carriers etc., Soft armor....

I am looking for one that sports the 6x6 and or 6x8 side cummberbund 


Thanks in advance


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Are you looking to only run soft armor, no plates? Do you currently have concealable armor? Are you looking for a slick carrier or do you plan to use it with pouches? Not my area of expertise, but will vary what's good for your purpose.

Garg 'nuair dhùisgear

We get issued soft armor/concealable type in an external carrier level 3A and fitted. Problem is, the place we get em at it’s a cop store that takes forever to make them made etc. and  they always mess up orders too.  

I was looking to run a carrier with soft panels for this job and when I’m done working this job and still have the carrier, use said carrier for plates later if needed.

External carrier with molle for pouches will used. 


If you are seriously interested in running side plates you only have two good options. Crye JPC or Velocity Systems Scarab.

I could use a little more information on what you are wanting. Are you willing to buy your own soft panels along with the carrier?

How likely is it that you will run plates later?

Pending these answers, the best all purpose carrier is the Velocity Systems LPAAC combined with its matching VS13A armor. It will carry plates comfortably and will carry 6x6 in a pinch.

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