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And finished up on a Crossfire DG-16 frame.  You will notice since I switched frames in mid-mod, I did not add compression straps into the side seams, because I planned on using the frame for this.  If you use a 1606, be sure and add in side compression straps when putting frame tabs on back panel.   Notice how 1606 pattern will fit onto a DG-16 frame.  So any ruck with tabs, like the FILBE will fit.

Also I didn't mention a couple of details.  Like a carrying handle added to the top cross webbing.  And another compression strap for the top opening.  And I didn't take any pics of the lid build.  I will add these next time.    

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The Medium ALICE fab I wrote of earlier.  Added six rows of PALS across the bottom, enough to replace the issued pockets with (larger) MOLLE sustainment pouches.  The rubberized waterproofing had dry-rotted off the lower part of the issued flap so I fabbed a pouch with additional PALS for laser rangefinder and binos.  I have to figure how to rig a day or 3-day pack to the lid or pack itself.

I left the legacy webbing near the ruck's mouth to rig GI 2-quart canteens.

With space to put stuff into ready access on the outside there's now more room inside for jungle, summer, or temperate-season packing.

The ALICE bag and frame pretty much stay the same.  If I change anything it'll be a longer and higher pack rather than grow outward (to the rear) like a large ALICE, creating a moment arm to torque on the lower spine.

I'll probably put this pack on the Down East FILBE frame once I upgrade the FILBE.

Yeah that kinda sucks but par for the course.  I think you will be pleasantly surprised at how light it is, even compared to a Medium ALICE.  

Which kinda brings up the point, of what your priorities are.  While the older ALICE rucks certainly work, and are even superior to some newer models, you have to determine whether cost is a determining factor for you, or getting some other features, such as lighter weight, newer materials, and more modern design.  If the ALICE is all that is available or what you can afford, then it will work, there's no question about that.  But if you have the wherewithal to get something better, then there are some interesting things in the works.  The basic principle of a light weight, external frame pack has proven to be a winner; when updated with new materials and design, you have an even better deal.

As I look back on the past twenty or so years, we went from 1,000d and molle and hardware everything, to 500d and minimum webbing and hardware.  A 11-12 lb ruck to a 5-6 lb one.  Either one will work, but we are getting a lot closer to an optimum system of LBE; if you can get it, why not use it.        

@Community Member, I love what you did with that LBT ruck! 

@Community Member I'm diggin that medium ALICE 

The medium ALICE with a better frame is really the perfect the pack IMO. 

I've got one that TT modified, I think I picked it up here, the only thing I would change about it is a claymore pouch on the lid instead of the two smaller pouches that are on there. And a better frame. 

Who's got time under the Tyr Tactical jungle ruck?  I'm loving the idea of that frame but geeeeze that price tag! Just the frame is $250 no straps or belt! Add those and you're over $350 for the frame set. I've got the TT straps and belt I could use, but I don't know if they're compatible.

I think the next best bet is the FILBE suspension, cause the little time I had under the FILBE the suspension is actually pretty good. So I'll check the oceanside shops for one cheap. 

Not a fan of Tyr.

For what you're describing, check out some other threads concerning the new Crossfire kit.  The DG-3 on a DG-16 frame is the shit (if you're 5'11" or taller; if not stay with the DG-3 frame).  Good Medium ALICE sized bag, in a "tri-zip" shaped config, on the best frame I've found yet, and a hell of a better price tag.  Last I heard they had DG-3's on contract over run sale for 325 AUS, which is 237.18 US.  Shipping ain't bad either.  Maybe twenty bucks.  

Compare that to MR,Tyr, First Spear, etc.   Even TT.  Like a sore dick.   

So just got back from the field. It’s getting cold and wet out so snivel and wet weather is getting thrown in the mix (suprisingly when you are use to 120 weather 65 is freaking cold. Did get in the 40s some as well.

LBT mod is still doing awesome and will hold the following comfortably in a wet weather bag that fits it like a glove:

-Gortex Bivy

-Snugpak Jungle Bag

-Waffle top

-Silk top

-Wet Weather top and bottom

-Shorts and t shirt to sleep in

-Travel pillow ( I may be infantry and supposed to love the suck but by god I’m having a freaking pillow)

-NVG bag


-Tyr Gunfighter belt kit

-Pogey bait

-Eye pro case.

then admin stuff in the top flap and the double canteen pouch on front with nalgene and Gatorade in it. This all fit with plenty of room to spare in the main compartment, top flap, and canteen pouches. The main pack itself is awesome and the frame rides great. Small enough I can get it in and out of a MAT-V much easier then a issue ruck but big enough to carry 3 days worth of kit. And I can bump that up to about 5-6 days by slapping on the added sustainment pouches. I got it up to 80-100 pounds in Iraq carrying a crap ton of 7.62 and comms gear so it will definitely hold some weight for its size.

runningwolf posted:

So just got back from the field. It’s getting cold and wet out so snivel and wet weather is getting thrown in the mix (suprisingly when you are use to 120 weather 65 is freaking cold. Did get in the 40s some as well.

LBT mod is still doing awesome and will hold the following comfortably in a wet weather bag that fits it like a glove:

-Gortex Bivy

-Snugpak Jungle Bag

Hmmmm...Snugpak enough for 65-40F?

Use a Carinthia troppen bag & they are pretty good.



Never said comfy but I’m alive with all my digits. Add some snivel and 40-60 is doable but not great. The Bivy is key with the wind here and if you add a woobie to it you can sleep pretty comfy in the 40-60 range. I like the junglebag as it works for 3/4 seasons where I’m usually at and has the built in bug net around the face to keep all the critters out. Wake up cuddling with Jake and you will be happy for the full enclosure. If I know I’m gonna be freezing I’ve got a -10 snugpak bag or the issue MSS.


Every so often I get a surprise & end up somewhere cold by m local standards.  Luckily the Carinthia distributor is a friend & I got an affordable deal on vests, jackets & a sleeping bag set.  The big one is warm...but bulky: one reason I have a outsize heavily modified Alice style pack- I do Astronomy's trick of stuffing it into the available space rather than roll.  Way quicker & apparently damages the bag less.

Playing around with pairing the Troppen & a biv bag, possibly a liner is something I've been looking at.  I suspect the Woobie is superior to the local liners.

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